November 07, 2002

I must tell you a story of a modern Cinderella, the Executive, and the Best

I met two wonderful men through this service.

One of them is a successful
executive...nice...funny...gorgeous...charming...the answer to any girl's
dream, right? Well...Mr. Executive has a very busy schedule - which is no
big deal - life is long and eternity is longer. In any case: This is a
REALLY good guy who makes each slice of time seem like a refreshing and
rejuvenating and pleasurable vacation.

However...during the time that I was only talking to Mr. Exec about once a
week...this other guy totally slipped under my radar! Although I found this
other guy fascinating - intelligent, articulate, attractive,
fact...the first night we met, we stayed up talking until morning...ANYWAY:
Cinderella had decided on the prince. So...I relegated the other guy to
Best Friend status. Where he willingly stayed....and we spent time
together...Family Home Evenings....Movie Night at home with the kids...long
four-hour conversations on the phone...hundreds of e-mail conversations
during the day...

So...having decided that I was going to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER with the
Prince...When my Best Friend suggested we get married - my initial response
was to think that he was totally nuts! So...I chased him away telling him
that the Prince and I were exclusive and how dare he...and blah blah....

I lasted a day and a half without talking to my Best Friend. Definitely not
good days. Then, my Best Friend - who happens to be one of the smartest men
in the world - told me that he was fine just being friends, and proceeded
to casually date half the female population in the valley - giving me full
details of course. Well...I didn't like this and became quite jealous,
though of course I claimed it was something altogether different - Bubonic
Plague or something...

Then my Best Friend started talking to a friend of mine...maybe asking her
out....this also did not go over too well for me...eventually I started
adding two and two together...several other things combined too and
recognizing that I had found the one person who I call in a crisis...I turn
to for sharing joy...I share spiritual questions, answers and
explorations...who I love with every particle of my being...So...I married
my Best Friend!

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