August 29, 2002
Jim & Debbie from North Pole, AK

Thanks to LDSSO a match was made in Heaven! Jim (Takayuki) and I
(texasbelle1951) talked for the first time in June of this year. Jim is
from North Pole, AK and I was from Gainesville, Tx. The first time he
contacted me I wasn't to sure about getting involved with someone from
so far away but, Heavenly Father decided to get involved in this one and
now we are sending you our success story.

We first chatted in June. Jim had sent me a contact a few days earlier
but like I said before, I was hesitant to respond. I did and within a
few days we were calling each other and talking for hours on the phone.
We even started having couple prayers over the phone. My plans were to
come for a visit in August but again Heavenly Father gave us that
friendly little nudge that said do it now. So........Jim purchased a
ticket for me to come to Alaska. It was a round trip ticket but we had
pretty much already decided that I would probably get here and not want
to leave. I arrived here in Alaska on June 22nd. We met and fell in
love with each other almost instantly. In fact after telling each other
that we loved the other one, we also told each other that we had wanted
to say that for a long time but never felt that it was the right time.
After being here in North Pole for about 4 weeks we decided that we
should get married. Another friendly little push from Heavenly Father.
We truly believe that He had a big hand in our getting together. We
were married on August 23, 2002 in a picture perfect civil wedding
ceremony. Since we were both previously sealed we will have to wait for
a year to be sealed in the temple, but we are already making plans for
that day. Everything went off without a hitch. On the first day of
our honeymoon we drove to Anchorage and went to the Temple to do an
endowment session for the first time as husband and wife. That was a
very special time.

Jim would like to say thanks to all the good friends that helped him
through the hard times. It takes a while to get through the rough spots
but the blessings come. He'd like to really encourage all the single
men out there to keep yourselves temple worthy because there are a lot
of sisters out there looking for high spiritual men who honor their

I would like to give a special thank you to Phillip (Slowcar) for
introducing me to the site. Had it not been for him I probably would
have never met up with Jim. Although Jim and I both feel that had I not
found this site that Heavenly Father would have found a way to get us
together. We feel very strongly that we were together in the
preexistence. I'd like to tell all the sisters that there are still a
few good brothers out there who want to honor their temple covenant and
are willing to do all that is necessary to prepare for a celestial

Even though we were thousands of miles apart, Jim in Alaska and I in
Texas it was not a difficult obstacle to overcome. You need a lot of
determination and resources and a lot of help from Heavenly Father. We
found that we had almost everything in common. The biggest thing of
course was the Church and Temple work. The other was our great interest
in Music. Jim and I are both musicians. He plays the violin and I play
the piano. He sings Bass and Baritone and I sing soprano.

We noticed that out of some of the success stories, that there are many
of you out there just like us who only knew each other a very short
period of time before getting married. We feel that Heavenly Father is
speeding up couples getting together to hasten His work. Also, so that
we can all be together with our families to usher in the Millennium.

We'd like to thank Heavenly Father for His work in getting us together.
Without Him and our listening to Him, none of this would have been
possible. It pays to listen to that still small voice when it speaks to
you. We'd also like to thank all our online friends who supported us.
We're anxious to hear how things are going with you. We hope that
everyone finds someone and that they can be as happy as we are.

Thank you so very much to all of you out there.

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