Success Stories: 2002
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Yup, we too met on LDS Singles.Com! We met a little over a year ago, and we
are getting married on September 14, 2002 at the Oakland, CA Temple!
Thank-you soooooooooooooooooooooooo very very much for bringing my soul-mate
to me!

Can you believe it? We were both on the site talking to each other, just goofing around, then one day he came to my rescue. Some guy wouldn't leave me alone and it was on my birthday, after the guy that I had been dating stood me up.
We talked for a few months then we lost track of each other. He popped back up on my MSN in July. We started dating in August of last year and were engaged by October. We are getting married in September 2002. We have beaten all the odds that everyone said we couldn't make it past. We are getting sealed in the Salt Lake Temple and we couldn't be any more excited.
Thank you so much for helping us meet after we have been crossing each other paths for 6 years

Thank you for the service you provide. We met over a year and a half ago at
a dance advertised on LDSSO. It has taken us both awhile to get to this
point but we are finally getting married! We will be sealed in the Salt
Lake Temple in July.

We have met many wonderful people who will be friends for life through LDS
Singles. We encourage everyone to get out to the singles social events!
Thanks again!

Wedding date set for July 26th, 2002. Brich and Sweetminx! Hooray!

I joined LDS singles quite a while back, never really
subscribed, until I got 2 messages from an English
guy. It turns out he only emailed me because I was
English, and in England, he didn't even like my photo!

We met up and from that very first meeting, I knew
that this was my guy. A corny phrase I know, but this
was a match made in heaven. But when you see how we
are together and all that goes with that, I know that
this was something that the Lord had a hand in. I
knew Simon before we came here, that I do know, and I
wholeheartedly believe that that is where this
relationship was formed.

We are both very happy, we have 6 beautiful children
between us, who all get on so weel together, it's like
they were meant to be aswell.

Simon and I are due to get married on 21 September
2002, we are looking forward to our new lives together
with our children and are very much in love.

Thank you for being the tool that brought us together.


Another successful match. Last May Dodgergirl and Sportsfan started
corresponding - met in July and are now engaged for an August wedding in the
Salt Lake Temple!!!

We met online on November 20, 2001 and it has been an amazing 6 months. We live over 800
miles apart. He is in Mesa, AZ and I am in Salt Lake City, UT. We flew back and forth every
month until he finally popped the question on April 27th. We are getting married June 15, 2002 and
we will finally be together, forever! I was about to give up on the whole dating scene for awhile
when I started talking to my sweetie on encounters one night. I felt he was "safe" because he was
800 miles away and I could kill some bordum for a few minutes. Next thing I knew he was flying in
to see me and swept me off my feet. We meet face to face on December 7th 2001 at the Salt Lake
international airport. I would just like to tell everyone out there that long distance relationships can
work. The phone has been our most prized posession and my link to my sweetie. We have talked
to each other every single day since we met online. (sprint loves us) I also had a wonderful time to
look forward to every month flying to Arizonia or him flying in to see me. (SouthWest airlines loves
us too) Being so far away from each other made us really appreciate the times we were together.
So don't just limit your focus on people who live near you. You never know who might be waiting
for someone just like you 800 miles away.

Thanks LDS singles for helping us find each other.

December 17th my fiance and I began emailing each other through ldsso. I live in Dallas (he lives in Virginia) and he was coming down to see his parents for Christmas and we decided to meet. We spent a lot of time together while he was here and we flew back and forth to see each other every month until the last month which we made it every other weekend. We got engaged a month ago and are gettting married in 3 days...May 18th! He is great and good looking too:)

I never thought that this could work out as nicely as it has.

I met my love in May of 2001 in a chat room and then we met in person in
June. Since I live in California and she lives in Utah, neither one of us
thought that it would be more than a casual and friendly meeting. But from
the first time I met her I knew there was something special about her. She
shines in everything she does.

After many thousands of miles traveled to spend time with each other and
many hours on the phone. I asked her to marry me in February. We will be
married in Utah this coming June. She is my best friend and the love of my

So goes the story of Cathy (Fearlessheart) and Jeff (Senjeff).

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