Success Stories: 2002
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Thank you LDSSO for you helping me to meet my soon to be eternal companion. I was very blessed by being able to meet my sweetheart on this service after I was left at the altar for the third time in a year and a half. I was so going to give up when my sweetheart and I started talking on Encounters and I told him everything that was happening. We talked endlessly for several nights and then he came down as he promised he would on Friday the 28th of June and we hit it off. I had very little trust for men keeping their word and we feel in love at first sight. We had chatted breifly before but I was going to try and meet and date guys close to my area. I had been on other dating services also and was going to make sure I didn't renew my subscription. He was known as Freind on here when we first briefly chatted and I have always been known as Mama. Then we met on encounters and he sent me a flirt under the username Wasntthatgood which I thought was a fun name. Bob and I will be married on July 19, 2002; he told me I must love him if I am willing to take on his last name, you see my new married name will be Monica J Dick. I told him I am marrying the man of my dreams who loves me unconditionally and for who I am. He lives in Jerome Idaho and I live in Orem Utah so you see long distance is sometimes the best when looking for a future spouse. He is the love of my life and he is moving to Utah to be with me and my children and learn to get used to being called Grandpa at the young age of 42. So keep the faith and don't give up and get discouraged. If it can work for me it surely can work for you.

Alma and John were married July 5th. We couldnt be happier!! Our sincere Gratitude for having a service, that would allow two people with the same principals and who live so far apart to come together..
Again Thank you

Yes! It can happen! I met my wonderful husband here on the site April 13th and we were married last Saturday the 22nd of June! Talk about a whirlwind romance! I am from San Diego and was on the site as butterfly3 my husband is in Delaware and was on the site as vhsearch2002. We both lost our spouses, I four years ago and he last January.

I wish to tell all of you...don't give up hope. I left the site a couple of times discouraged. If you put it in Heavenly Fathers hands, pray, listen to the Spirit... Have patience...When you are ready, your Father in Heaven will send you someone. I know He sent three angels to me. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

P.S. Thank you to all I met on this site. You were all so kind and
wonderful. May you all have a great life!


David and I met after I decided to move to Seguin, Tx, and pulled up profiles in the area. David's was the only one from Seguin. I wrote to him to ask for his help in finding someone to help me move. We corresponded for a couple of weeks preceding my move. When I was ready to move in, David was there with the missionaries to help me unload. Trite as it sounds, I do believe it was love at first least on my part.
We are planning to be married on August 2, 2002.

I NEVER thought I would actually meet someone on this! This wasn't really my thing and I was doing it more for amusement than anything else but about 1 week after I joined I started talking to a guy that I really seemed to hit it off with. We started dating and several months later we decided to make it official :) Many friends accused me of being too picky and the thought of an on-line set up seemed as unlickly to work out as anything they could think of but the great thing about LDSSO is that it expands your ability to meet people and it allows the screening process to go so much faster than dating every guy that asks!! I'm so glad I tried it because I found what I wanted!!!!

My fiancee, Althea and I met on She lives in Colorado and I in Utah. We would not have met if it were not for services like We corresponded via for a few weeks then corresponded by email for 8 months. We were able to come to know and learn more about each other than we would have by dating alone. We are looking to July or August for the wedding date.

Thanks again,

As a fairly new member to the LDS Singles site, I met my fiance in January 2002. About five months later we both knew it was no coincidence that we met. Little did I realize then that I would be engaged and above all, engaged to the man of my dreams. We are truly meant for each other. A word for the wise, long-distance relationships can and will work if it is the will of our Father in Heaven and if you have hope. Take us for example, we live thousands of miles away from each other. Soon, we'll be married in the Salt Lake temple (October) and we're overjoyed!

My wife and I met on, and married just this March in the SLC
temple. Our wedding day marked almost one year to the day we first
exchanged emails. For nine months we wrote and talked over the phone, until
Thanksgiving of last year when I flew out to Provo to meet her in person.
She is by far the most dynamic, wonderful person I have met, thanks to you

LDS Singles was the perfect place for my wife and I to meet. It may not
be for everybody, but for us, it was a great way for us to build a
strong foundation before we got more serious, without having to deal
with all the traditional dating games. Even though we lived almost
2,000 miles apart, we were able to get to know each other very well.
We've been married for six months now, and very glad to be together.

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