Success Stories: 2002
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Margaret La Guerre (Username:Margaretla) and Frederick Joseph Ferris
(Cozyfred) are engaged to be married on October 18, 2002 at the Salt Lake
City Temple.

Thank you for your help

I want to thank you for this wonderful program. I have met a wonderful young
lady and we are planning on getting married in Nov. of this year. she is the
joy of my life, and I want to thank you. Without this program I would not
have been able to meet her, especially since she lives in Idaho and me in
thanks again

LoneAngel and Joes found each other on LDS Singles. We are to be married
in the Orlando Temple, August 13th.

That says it all :-)



Bryce (treesurgeon) and I, Keri, (KJK), started talking the end of January. Neither of us had been on the site for very long. Bryce sent me a message, and I responded. We wrote back and forth a couple of times, and then Bryce asked for my phone number. We talked on the phone if not every day, every other day for a little over a month. We knew there was something very awesome there. Both of us were still seeing other people. We met February 28, 2002. Bryce drove to Cottonwood, AZ from Las Vegas, NV. We spent Friday and Saturday together. He was so very awesome. He had my children helping him make his incredible teriyake BBQ burgers. He came right back the very next weekend, only this time he stayed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so he could attend church with us. I went to Las Vegas two weeks later to meet his children, that was our clincher weekend. He knew my children and element, but I had not yet seen him in his. It was wonderful. After that our weekends were spent always with all of our children, seven of them, WOW!!

We knew exactly where we were headed. It was amazing. Neither of us wold ever have gotten on this if it had not been for my friend who talked me into it, and Bryce's sister. Bryce proposed to me on the Las Vegas temple grounds on April 28, 2002. On one knee and everything. He's quite the gentleman!! Our date was set for June 22, 2002. We knew we wanted the children to be done with school, and my children were playing baseball, that would end the week prior. We wanted them to be able to have the summer to adjust and adapt to our Brady Bunch plus one, (and no Alice) family!

The day finally came, and let me tell you, it seemed like it took forever. We were married for time in the Mesa, AZ temple. It was wonderful. A truly crazy day, but so very beautiful. This was something that both of us had truly desired, to be married again, it was so incredible that is was really happening. We had our honeymoon in California at the beach, Bryce's old stomping grounds.

We are so very thankful to those who talked (forced) us into getting on LDSSO. We will be forever eternally thankful. Our lives are really crazy with combining our two families, but we both know that it is so very worthwhile.

To all of you who are still looking, hang tough. Bryce and I are often amazed at our turn of events. It amazes us. On our wedding announcement we had a saying: " Keri and Bryce sitting in a tree............" The rest is history (except for the baby carriage part).

I didn`t know how badly I needed him.... his is the most wonderful man on earth. After just 2 weeks of talking on the phone we met each other for the first time, within a few minutes together it felt like we had known each other forever ( and maybe we have).... we had been separated for far too long and couldn`t stay one day apart after that. Our wedding was one of the most spiritual and special moments of my life and we are very happy to start our Eternal jouney together.

Luciana & Moabite

I was living in CA and met a beautiful woman that lived in NY. We first started to write each other last year July 03, 2001. Then in late Oct. we started to call each other on the phone. We both felt something so I decided to fly to NY to meet Katia (Cinnamonbun) in Dec. to see if the spark was still there...IT WAS!!! Then in Jan of 2002 she came to CA to visit me and my family! I asked her to marry me and of course she said "YES!" I moved to NY and we got married!!! I am the happiest man on Earth because of the!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I live in northern Utah and Barb lived in northeastern Wyoming (560 miles apart) so there was really little chance we would have ever met without ldsso. About a month later we decided we should meet in a neutral place. We decided that the Martin Cove handcart site would be a good place. We spent the day together and immediately felt as if we had known each other all our lives.

Numerous trips back and forth only confirmed our love for each other and on June 6th we were engaged. Barb's vacation time had already been set so we decided not to wait and set July 6th as our wedding date. That allowed us to use her vacation time for our honeymoon.

Together we have 12 children and 16 grandchildren. Since all of our children aren't married yet, more grandchildren are probably forthcoming.

As soon as we retire, we are looking forward to serving a full time mission wherever the Lord wants to send us.

For us, life is wonderful and we highly reccommend ldsso. It certainly worked for us!!

The end of the story is that Barb and I just returned from a cruise to Alaska after being married in the Bountiful Temple on Saturday July 6, 2002.

Two long time friends meet again via! She took a chance and dropped me a note- now we're both glad she did. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for this site. My finance' John and myself have both waited for so many years to find that special someone and wow, we found each other on your site. Initially for me I thought to myself, I must be deperate to go online to find a date, but you know what these days it's hard to meet people who have the same values and interests as you do. We are to be married in the SL Temple on Friday, September 20, 2002. Thanks again and best wishes!

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