Success Stories: 2002
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Jerry (4EverU) and Stephanie (1stdaughter) first met through an online
message from Jerry to Stephanie. He said we seemed to have alot in common,
and after reading his profile I agreed ! We wrote countless notes to one
another, talked on the phone where we shared first and last names, and
eventually met in Utah when I flew up from Oklahoma and he came down from
Washington State.

I think it is safe to say that after wandering through beautiful sites in
the mountains, spending time in temple square, going to lovely , romantic
and fun places to dine, and asking lots of questions and learning about one
another, we decided we needed to be together even more. We took several
trips to be with one another, to meet each others familys and church familys
and finally to get engaged in july and now married Nov 1st in the Mt
Timpanogas Temple.

We both are very much in love, and happy. We thank Heavenly Father for his
most wonderful gift to us in letting us find one another.......and we will
be forever GRATEFUL to ldsso coming into our lives when the time was right.
A wish of luck and timing to all of you still searching. It will happen will find your special love, I just know it!!!

We are very thankul with LDSSO and the opportunity we had to meet each other and find true love. We met of July and got married on September 7, 2002. It is hard to believe, but it really works. we wish all of you the best in your search. Diana (sunshine46) and Andrew (Andycallahan)

Dear LDS Singles,
We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity and forum to meet. What an incredible journey! Marci and I both lost our spouses to cancer just a few months ago. I was looking for someone in my situation to talk to and confide in. She was perfectly happy with it just being her and her daughter. We started with messages (about a week and a half of them), then we met, and now two and a half weeks after we met we're engaged to be married in the Manti Temple on Nov. 15th. Just a fun little side note. Her daughter calls me her new dad and my two kids call her their new momma. We are all so happy thank you so much!!

With great appreciation,

We met on you service. We will forever be grateful to you for providing a
place to meet active LDS singles. We will be married in the SL Temple in
January 2003.

Thanks again.

I just wanted to give a quick update about our success story.

We just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and have a beautiful baby boy
who will turn 1 year old next month. We are so happy and are still very much
in love. It's so fun telling people we met on LDS Singles when they ask, "So
where did you two meet?" It's quite the conversation piece!

I am so grateful we had LDS Singles online as an option from the typical
singles dances and goofy "get togethers" where you are limited to people who
are in your immediate area and the few who even attend those events. It got
so old really fast and we were both burned out on that scene!


Married in the San Diego Temple August 21, 1999

Dear Lds Singlesonline,

I just had to write and tell you our story....

Cory Kidd had been using your sight for awhile dating many women, going out with 2 or 3 different women a week, he really felt that he needed to get married. He was raising 2 children and had been widowed for 2.5 years.

I had been dating one man for a year, I knew though that it just wasn't going to work. After breaking off the engagement, about 2 weeks later I got bored and decided to get back on line and join you again.

I was chatting with a guy and Cory broke in... we chatted for about 2 hours and had a great time. I was kind of skeptical, he asked some pretty good questions about working and raising children etc.

We started chatting 3 or 4 times a day after that and when we went out a week later we both knew that we had met our eternal match. We had a great time,

I have been married twice and have 5 children, 3 from my first and 2 from my second. Cory has been married 3 times and has 4 children. We decided to get married a week later, we eloped to Las Vegas and loved every minute of it!!!

Our kids are happy and settling in. I personally have had so much hurt and pain in my life that I knew right away that I could really be happy with this man. We have a giving, loving marriage. I have never had that.

I can't imagine ever being without him and we are striving to get sealed in the temple next year.

Thanks so much and I wish everyone else the same happiness and keep trying, this sight really works!!!!!!

thanks again for helping him find me.....

Thank you so much Lds Singles for helping me find the
perfect man. Steve and I met in April of 2002 and are
going to be married on September 28th 2002. I never
thought I would meet my husband online but I did and I
am very greatful. Thanks again!!

On June 25th, 2002 I sent a message to a wonderful man
by the name of Ken(Duke39). I was simply expressing my
sincere sorrow for the lose of his wife. I really did
not expect his return reply, but now know the bigger
plan of our Heavenly Father. We began communicating
via email, and on the phone. On Thursday the 15th of
August 2002 I flew from Charleston South Carolina to
Salt Lake City Utah. He picked me up at the airport
and we had a spectacular first date. On Saturday the
17th of August we went on a picnic in the mountains of
Idaho. He proposed and I accepted. We will be married
on Friday the 25th of October, 2002. Everyday I thank
my Heavenly Father for his love and allowing me to
meet the man of my dreams. I also thank LDSSO for
opening the door to our eternity.

Ted (Teda) and DeAnna (Agatha) were introduced to each other on July 18th when DeAnna smiled at Ted. The funny thing is- DeAnna doesn't even remember--but she did!! DeAnna lives in Holtville CA and Ted lives in Burley Idaho--some 18 hours away. After corresponding for 3 weeks via e-mail and phone (3.5c phone cards are great!!!), we both felt as if we had known each other forever!! It was amazing!! DeAnna took to the skies adn flew to Idaho to meet Ted and the story continues....The weekend went wonderfully, and we had a very hard time parting. But Idaho and CA would never be teh same again!! After many long hours of phone converstaions and e-mail, adn loootts of laughter and conversation (well--about 2+ hours a night!!) , DeAnna flew back to Idaho on August 30th. Ted proposed that day, and we are so excitred to be together. Both of us never thoughth that we would meet our soul- mate on the internet--but here we are!! FROM THIS MOMENT ON!!!! We plan to be sealed in teh San Diego temple for time and all eternity in November or December. It is truly a match made in heaven. Once married, DeAnna will be moving to Idaho!
Thanks so much for providing this wonderful service!!

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