Success Stories: 2002
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I am happy to report meeting my new wife via your service. There was
inspiration that made it happen. I had lost my first wife to cancer and
friend recommended your site. My new wife was the first person who
my attention on the site and here we are.


I met my husband on this very web site. It is fantastic and I will recommend to all my single friends.

Our success story is listed in July, 2001 (Lisa Sprague)- - my husband and I were married August 1, 2001 in the Portland temple. After a year that could have been too stressful for even stable relationships to survive under, I am very glad to say that we are happier than we ever thought we could be! When my husband and I married, we blended 6 children. The 3 older ones are now off on their own - two were also married last year and one is off to pursue a masters degree. The three left at home have adopted my husband as their "dad" and it seems almost unreal that we all get along so well. Our families have embraced us and it seems like we have been friends forever. When I tell other single members how we met, they now tell me how many other people they know that have met on LDSSO. In fact, there are 4 couples in our ward alone that are happily married because of LDSSO! In a town with the population at 17,000, this truly is remarkable.
For the ladies out there, I would say take heart. There are very good LDS men who are faithful and sincere and are willing to be a good partner and father. Don't give up, give in, or relax your principles for any reason, and in time, you will find your soul mate. Meet the guy right off and make sure you know who he is before you make rash decisons, but DATE! and use LDSSO as a venue in meeting great men.
To the men, my husband would say "you will meet your best friend, companion, sweetheart and helpmeet if you are focused and know what you need to make your life complete".

Thanks for helping make our dreams a reality.


I must tell you a story of a modern Cinderella, the Executive, and the Best

I met two wonderful men through this service.

One of them is a successful
executive...nice...funny...gorgeous...charming...the answer to any girl's
dream, right? Well...Mr. Executive has a very busy schedule - which is no
big deal - life is long and eternity is longer. In any case: This is a
REALLY good guy who makes each slice of time seem like a refreshing and
rejuvenating and pleasurable vacation.

However...during the time that I was only talking to Mr. Exec about once a
week...this other guy totally slipped under my radar! Although I found this
other guy fascinating - intelligent, articulate, attractive,
fact...the first night we met, we stayed up talking until morning...ANYWAY:
Cinderella had decided on the prince. So...I relegated the other guy to
Best Friend status. Where he willingly stayed....and we spent time
together...Family Home Evenings....Movie Night at home with the kids...long
four-hour conversations on the phone...hundreds of e-mail conversations
during the day...

So...having decided that I was going to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER with the
Prince...When my Best Friend suggested we get married - my initial response
was to think that he was totally nuts! So...I chased him away telling him
that the Prince and I were exclusive and how dare he...and blah blah....

I lasted a day and a half without talking to my Best Friend. Definitely not
good days. Then, my Best Friend - who happens to be one of the smartest men
in the world - told me that he was fine just being friends, and proceeded
to casually date half the female population in the valley - giving me full
details of course. Well...I didn't like this and became quite jealous,
though of course I claimed it was something altogether different - Bubonic
Plague or something...

Then my Best Friend started talking to a friend of mine...maybe asking her
out....this also did not go over too well for me...eventually I started
adding two and two together...several other things combined too and
recognizing that I had found the one person who I call in a crisis...I turn
to for sharing joy...I share spiritual questions, answers and
explorations...who I love with every particle of my being...So...I married
my Best Friend!

After a rash of meeting the wrong guy, I signed on to ldsso. Feeling that
nice guys shouldn't finish last and the strong desire to meet a truly nice
guy, I listed that in my profile as a must. I was working for a airline at
the time and my screen name was "flygirl". It was either the first or
second day that I was online that "heloflynguy" claimed to be a nice guy
from Florida. He is a helocopter pilot for the US Navy. We started sending
messages back and forth on ldsso and then he asked for my phone number. I
really didn't think that he would call long distance and was surprised when
he first called. After a little over a month of sending emails and talking
on the phone, the day finally came to meet. I flew out to Florida (thank
goodness I worked for an airline because the flights were free) and we meet.
It was an all day date that started out with him meeting me at the airport
with a rose. Then a tour of the city, lunch and a walk on the beach. Then
feeding turtles at a pond and lots of talking. We finished the night with
dinner and a drive back to the airport. When it came time to leave, he gave
me hug and I didn't want the night to end. After that night we spent as
much time together or on the phone as we could (and our phone bill would
allow.) We were engaged 3 1/2 months later and married in the Jordan River
temple 4 months after that. We have had a fun time telling people our
story. Never would either of us have imagined that we would meet our
eternal companions online. But we never would have met any other way.
Thank you so much. We are so incredibly happy and we thank you for helping
make it possible.

Five months ago today we met online at (simonea and lonepalm58) From the very start, we both felt an extremely strong connection, though neither of us told the other about it. But it seemed very clear after just a few days, and many messages, that something much larger and stronger than the two of us was at work.
I made arrangements to travel to Colorado to meet Simone about three weeks later, and not long after we met, we both knew that a wedding was a foregone conclusion. We married on August 28, and each day since has simply brought us closer together, happier in ourselves, and in the Gospel.
Thanks for providing this marvelous service!

Thank you so much for helping me meet the man of my dreams! He is everything
that i could ever ask for. I knew reading his messages that he was something
special, and then, after an amazing first date, i knew we would be together
forever. although we live a mile apart and once lived in the same apartment
complex, we probably never would have met if it weren't for this web site.
we met about a month ago and are now engaged to be married in the manti
temple on march 22nd, 2003. He is proof to me that miracles really do
happen, and that sometimes you can find love in all the "wrong" places.
thanks to this web site for changing my life!

We just want to send an update. We met on your site Oct. 1996, and married Dec. 1996 in the Bountiful Utah Temple. We will be celebrating 6 years on Dec. 14th 2002. We are now living in Harrisville, UT and had 2 beautiful children. Our daughter is 4 1/2 and in Pre-K. Our little boy is 9 mths. and quite and handful. We are very happy and are thankful for Without you we would have never met. Thank you again.

As many others, I never would have believed that this would happen. As
an "unwilling to admit it" middle aged man, I found myself is a postion I
never dreamed I would be in. As a single person in today's society, there are
surprising few places one can meet other singles. Coupled with the demands
that are placed on today's professionals, I had little hope of finding someone
with whom I could begin to rebuild my personal life.

But earlier this year a friend suggested I try your web-site. I did so
grudgingly, but now I am pleased to be your latest success story. I used the
screen name on your service of SeasiderDad. As of Friday evening, I am
engaged to be married to a woman your service knew as SoMuchStyle. And she
certainly is.

I can honestly say that I would never have met Heidi had it not been for LDS
Singles. But we hit it off from the very first meeting, and we plan to be
married in January. I thank you sincerly for providing a service such as this.

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