Success Stories: 2002
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We would like to thank LDSSINGLES for helping us find each other. I joined shortly after my wife told me she was filing for divorce. Less than one month later, I saw the profile of Hilarybabe posted & took a look at it. At first I was hesitant, because I live in Mesa, Arizona & Hilarybabe lived in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
I introduced myself to her, & we chatted online & e-mailed each other over the next couple of months. In November, she invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her & her family.
It was the most wonderful experience of my life. We had a wonderful time & I found out that she was as wonderful in person as she was online.
We have been seeing each other every other week since then & plan to spend Christmas with her family.
After the shock of my first marriage ending in divorce, I wasn't sure I would find someone again.
I owe it all to LDSSINGLES for helping us find each other.

As it stands now, we are going to make our engagement official on Friday, December 13th & have told our families to prepare for a Valentine's day wedding in Las Vegas.

I would be more than willing to move across the world for Hilarybabe. However, I will only have to move to Las Vegas, Nevada so that we can begin our journey through eternity together.

Thank you LDSSO

In late summer of 2001 I had an ldsso friend point out the profile of tfosria to me. Well long story short he and I became fast internet friends. After of few months of chatting online and flirting he finally asked me out. We fell in love quickly and knew it was meant to be eternal. We got married in Mesa on October 15th 2002. I don?t know how without LDSSO I would have met him and found my eternal happiness. Thank you so much! I still tell people to join the site and try it.

Thanks LDSSO just married the most beautiful woman this past friday. I met her on LDSSO and we plan on having a wonderful life together.


Hello my name is Michael Storts from Pickerington, OH and I am writing in to update you all on my recent engagement to Jessica Michelle Calamari, who is a former member of your site as well. We met on LDSSO on August 9, 2002 and fell in love upon first sight! I was browsing through the site looking for my eternal mate and I was led to view the profile of the most beautiful woman on your site! I emailed her and we corresponded for a couple months emailing each other often. We talked on the phone a lot after that for a few weeks. It was on September 28th 2002 we decided to meet together in person. I drove out there to Normal, IL and we spent the weekend having a great time and talking as if we had known each other for forever. We were engaged on October 12, 2002 and will be married on May 31st 2003 in the Nauvoo, IL Temple. For all of you who are skeptical about the validity of this site, believe me it works! I never thought that I would meet the woman that I would marry off the internet but I did and I could never be happier! Thank you LDSSO for helping me find my Eternal mate!

With much gratitude,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank LDS Singles for their service. Sawan and I met back in June for the first time and it has been a wonderful, beautiful experience ever since. We will be getting married in the Mt. Timp Temple in March of 2003. Thanks to this service I have found my eternal companion and best friend. For those who are looking for their companion this really works if you stay open, optimistic and, most of all, just have fun with it and not take it too seriously.

Once again thanks for a wonderful service. I met a ton of wonderful people from here and one spectacular person that I will take to the temple in a few months.


Thank you for having such a wonderful service available for the LDS singles. I was a brand new convert as of 2 February 2002 and met my bride to be on 3 February. We contacted each other and started a whirlwind long distance encounter. Sandy was in Houston and I was in Las Vegas.

I could not have planned this any better! Thank you Lord for your wonderful gift and blessings. Sandy and I courted for about three months long distance until she surprised me and said she didn't want to wait until February when we would be able to be sealed in the Temple when I qualified after one year.

We were married in the Church 15 June 2002 and are looking forward to being sealed in the Temple in the Spring when all of her family can come out to Vegas. We are very happy and very thankful that LDSSO was available for the two of us to meet.

We thank you. We would recommend LDSSO to any and all that would like to have a way of meeting your potential life partner. We are happy that we did.

We wish you much continued success and much peace, love, and happiness. Take care and keep smiling.

Best always,

Thank you so much for bringing us together. If it had not been for you we
would have never met. What are the are the chances of the the country boy
moving to the big city, and the Dixie girl ever meeting?
We started to chat, and emailed each other for a couple of months. I got
really sick, and landed in the hospital. I didn't email him back for about a
week, when I did he called and we started to talk. We finally met up after
weeks of talking. I flew to Seattle and met him for the first time. He
showed off his city and boy what a view. Well he flew down to see me, in ST
George, and I got to show him my city. After much prayer and
consideration, I am now happy to say that on November 29, 2002 we will be
married and combining two families into one. Thanks again!
Jenifer Burns & Harry DuPape

After one week of being on your system I found the right person . Just over 800 miles one way. We started dating and later I drove out there and helped her move out to Utah were we continued to date. We were engaged for 6 months and then we got married.

Although I couldn't get married to her in the temple because of my first wife being that we are currently waiting for my temple clearance. But once that is complete and we have been married for a year, we will then get married in the temple. Our stake president performed the marriage, and he is also a good friend of mine.

The greatest thing about this site is, it gives you the opportunity to meet the right person even when she isn't in the same local area that you live. I found that by being very direct in what I was looking for, I found what I was looking for.

Ask lots of questions and be true to yourself, don't be afraid to ask the important questions the ones that mean a lot to you and the things that will make or break your relationship. Don't be afraid to hurt them and have them dump you, it is better to get dumped than divorced.

I truly love my 2nd wife she is everything I always wanted in a woman. And we work together at everything, we are completely equal and have all things common in our marriage. We are doing our best to live a Celestial marriage together.


Thank you for your e-mail. I am no longer single 'cause I found the girl of my dreams, and she thinks I'm the sexiest thing to ever live. She loves me with all of her heart and soul, and she kisses me occasionally, too.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

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