Success Stories: 2002
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I met some great gals on this site. Fortunately, the last one, was the best
and the one for me! We will be married May 30. 2002 and as our X's give us
our temple divorce. We will be on our way to be sealed for all time. Thank
you, LDSSO, for fulfilling a dream.

I just wanted to thank you for this marvelous program. I never I was going to meet the guy of my dreams
and I did thanks to you. I'm happily married now with a rightous priesthood holder who has more than
what I had expected to find in an individual. Now we are waiting for our first baby to be born in
Hope the Lord may bless you for what you're doing.
Your sister,

I didn't realize how hard I could fall. I'm a doctor, she's a nurse. Neither of us wanted to marry someone in the medical profession. Nonetheless, after two weeks of talking on the phone, and one intense weekend of
person-to-person contact, we knew it was meant to be. Jen ("Angelfire20nm"), had come from a bitter divorce, was pregnant, and went online to simply look for a friend and a possible Lamaze partner. When I, Ken
("DoctorKen"), saw in her profile that she was a ER nurse, I dropped her a line commenting on her "community service". I thought she might need a friend. I didn't know how badly I really needed HER. At first meeting, it was like we had known each other forever, two souls connected that had been separated for far too long. We are engaged to be married in the San Diego temple April 27th! And, I'm happy to broadcast to the world that we will expect "our" first child around May 14th?. Let's hope we make it through
the honeymoon without an early delivery! Oh well, I am an OBGYN, what's the worst that could happen? Her water could brake while we're in Tahiti. Bring it on! Thanks for hooking us up LDSSO. We'd still be looking
for each other without your help!

On October 25th SleeplessinSLC & Guild started chatting and met on the 26th after lengthy email, photo and phone exchanges
were made. We both were so very alike and understood one another so very well that we have spent pretty
much everyday together since. Becomming best friends was so important to us and we dated for 5 months,
both with the knowledge and our families knowledge that we would become an eternal family one day.
There are too many things that click together so well for our comming together to not be of the Lord and we
thank him for putting us in the right place at the right time together. We both went through divorces at the
same time and experienced such similar things that comming to LDSSO was the last thing on our minds to
find an eternal companion this way. However, through the good and the bad (dates!) we are happy to say
that we will become a family on March 23rd 2002 in Salt Lake City.

Thank you LDSSO for your great website, we had lots of fun and truly have a memorable story to pass on to
our children and so on.

I have only subsdcribed for 2 months and found the soulmate I have searched
for all my life...It was so strange to fall in love with someone without all
the physical feelings. I learned what was really important in an eternal
relationship...The physical was not there when we met, but with a lot of
heavenly help and using my new spritual eyes I have found a precious angel
that I will be proposing to in the next few weeks. By holding her standards
when we spent 4 days together, I fell so deeply in love I am a goner... I
learned to find that precious one, that daughter of God that I would have
never found if I had not learned to fall in love first with her...then her
body..What a profound way to learn to love the whole person first then let
the physical come into my decision...I loved her testomony, her
spritualility, her standards, her sucesses, fears, failures, her sucess over
satin, ....we will marry in the San Diego temple in May....Thanks LDS
singles and especially thanks to Heavely Father...I am so blessed that you
directed this.....

I just wanted to write you and let you know how
thankful I am for your services. I was a member of
your service for about 3 months, within the first week
of your service I met my future husband. We talked and
talked and realized we had so much in common. It's
now been a little over four months and we are now
engaged. Our Wedding is on July 26th in the Salt Lake
Temple. We are both extremly thankful for your
service. I recommend it to anyone, I have met all
kinds of wonderful people. The staff always seems so
helpful and kind. Thank you for your kindness and for
bringing us together.

> Matt Evans (lasvegasman) and Mandy Sims (unlvroxymandy) met on LDSSingles in the end of December. Matt emailed Mandy and I was telling her how cool he thought she sounded and that he wanted to hang out with her sometime. Mandy got the email and responded because she thought it sounded like a good idea, she was a little skeptic of the picture but was willing to see what would happen, so they exchanged numbers and Matt called Mandy and told her that he would like to come pick her up and take her out, Mandy was a little scared at first so they played phone tag for 2 weeks until Mandy finally decided to meet Matt so she decided to have him come over. He came over and watched a movie and the two hit it off right away, neither one had any idea that they had just met their soul mate then but they knew that what they were feeling was very different. They had both joined to see if they could just meet some new people even though they had both just been dating around. So when the night was over he told Mandy that he would be calling her the next day. So he did and three days later has their first kiss which nearly swept both of them off their feet, because they both almost fell over and then they started to hang out every day. After 2 weeks the topic of marriage came up and neither one would have ever thought that they would meet and that they would end up getting married, but they prayed about it and both knew that it was the right thing to do. So on Valentines day Matt took Mandy to a candlelight dinner at the Lodge at Mt. Charleston and after a very romantic dinner, proposed to her and with out a doubt she said yes. The two are very happy and will be joined for time and eternity on June 8th in the Las Vegas temple. The even funnier part of this story is that Matt's twin brother met his wife from the website and got married on Mandys birthday last year and his sister also met her husband from the website and they were also married. So we could not have done it without LDSSINGLES so thanks so much!!

To Laura it was a joke. Matt saw it as a quest. She was Romalyn. He was MattyPatty. It all
started with a simple line about the brightness of the stars in Texas. It developed into emails as
big as Texas. Upon seeing the size of their emails they figured they should meet. So, they
did...they only met again because they had committed to give the relationship a fair shot. Mutual
physical attraction was lacking, but everything else was right. Eventually, with a little divine
intervention, the attraction came and they are now madly in love! They will be married in the
Bountiful Temple on April 26th, 2002. So, to all of you, especially you skeptics, be open, listen to
your heart, and trust in the Lord.

I am Goldygrl , I am Whiteknight12, and we are married, thanks to your LDS dating program. We just wanted you to know that you have another feather in your cap!! Yes, we found each other on your web site, and we married on December 8th 2001. We are so in love with each other, and find that with each passing day, we love each other more and more. We have so much in common, and are so much alike, it is absolutly wonderful!!
We are so happy together, and so excited to have a whole new life together as husband and wife. We would have never found each other had it not been for this great service. Thank you LDSSO for bringing us together. We hope that there are lots of other happy people doing the same out there. We are living in Toquerville Utah, and we are doing well, and are very very happy!!!!! Let us know if you would like to know more about our engagement and marriage. We will be happy to tell you more. Thanks again, we are so thrilled!!!!

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