September 28, 2001
Mr. and Mrs. Call

This is a story of a boy and a girl who met on LDSSO and Fell in Love and Got Married!
I am from Arizona and served a mission in Tennessee. I served in an area there with an old friend from my
hometown. My friend fell in love with a girl in Tennessee and they got married after his mission. A few
months later, I got off of my mission and dated a little but could not find the "right girl" for me. So, I
decided to check out this LDSSO thing-- and doing things like this was so "not like me". But I had to give it
a chance!
Well, I was looking up new profiles and I saw a name from the same area that my friend met his "new wife".
And I knew that she had a sister named Merrianne--I thought to myself, "Could this be her??" So, I just
said "What the heck, I will write and ask her". Well, lo and behold It Was Her!! Our personalities just
clicked! And I found myself so attracted to her, even though she had not posted her picture on there yet. I
was very intrigued by her! But when she did get her picture on there--WOW!!! Well, we chatted a lot and
talked a lot on the phone. Then I flew her out here for a weekend and we totally hit it off! Then I went to her
home and visited her and it was just obvious to both of us we were meant to be! So, I asked her father for
permission to take his daughter's hand in marriage. (It was the hardest thing that I had ever done!!-yes, I
was sweating!) I was so relieved when her father said "YES!" Well, The next month she decided to move
herself and her beautiful daughter here to Arizona. Then on June 7, 2001 I asked her to marry me. I was so
relieved when she said "YES!" Then we got married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple on September 1, 2001.
We are so very happy! Yes, Dreams Can Come True! (they sure did with us!!!)
So, do not give up. You can meet someone on here and can be very happy. Do not let distance get you
discouraged, you can get great deals on plane tickets on the internet!!!!
Yours Truly,

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