November 09, 2001
Thanks again, BB

I am very pleased with what did for me. Last year, I had come to a
crossroads in my life. I had been dating a girl who's main focus was on partying
every night. I tried to maintain that lifestyle too, but I knew inside that it wasn't
right. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. We were definitely on two different
courses. So, we broke up. I really didn't want another relationship at that time. I
just needed a penpal. So, I placed an ad on looking for that. I got
about a dozen responses, but only wrote back to one. It was from a girl in Taiwan. I
figured, how much safer can I get? It is the other side of the world from me, so
there's no chance of meeting. I was wrong. We exchanged email messages from
February of this year, until she moved to Seattle, Washington. She intended on going to
school in Seattle, in order to receive her Masters degree in Teaching. She had already been through 4 years
of college in Taiwan and 4 years of college in the US (BYU). She was a convert to the LDS Church, at the
age of 18, and had served a mission in Taiwan. Even though I wasn't looking for a relationship, something
compelled me to go see her. So, I flew to Seattle and saw her, Shu Mei is her name, about half a dozen
times. Meeting Shu Mei is just what the doctor ordered for me. I'm not saying it was love at first sight, but it
was close to it. She is the most spiritual person I have ever met. Also, I am hardpressed to find any
weaknesses in her. She tells me about her weaknesses. However, the things she tells me about really are
trivial. That is how far along she has come in her personal development. It could take me decades to be
where she is now. During a two-week stretch of my vacation, I proposed to her. I had my Dad take my
picture in front of a big cactus. I was holding a sign that said, "Shu Mei, will you marry me?" Then, I had the
picture enlarged. I glued it to wood and cut it into pieces for a jigsaw puzzle. I cut two hearts where the sign
was. Then, I put all of the pieces in a bag, except the two hearts, and gave the bag to her. She put the puzzle
together and thought there were missing pieces. I pulled them out of my pocket. She put them in the puzzle.
As she read the question, I pulled the engagement ring out of my other pocket and got down on my knees.
Well, you know the answer. I have to admit that I never was particularly attracted to Asian women. Having
never been to that part of the world (I served an LDS mission in Brazil, as far away from Taiwan as you
could get), nor been around that race of people. But, I am attracted to Shu Mei. It goes beyond physical
attraction, although she is visually stunning. Shu Mei has inner beauty unmatched by anyone I've ever met.
I cannot imagine -not- wanting to be with her forever. So, I have been straightening up my act. As I said, it
began far before I met Shu Mei. She has just solidified things a bit. We plan on getting married in the LDS
temple, which isn't a small task for me. It is a long hard road to receiving my temple recommend. I have had
to avoid many would-be temptations along the way. I have learned that FOCUS is the key to motivation in
anything. I strive to do that which I know is right. I know that I will make mistakes along the way. I just
hope that I can overcome those mistakes and keep on going toward my goal. I plan on moving to Taiwan
when I get married there, on January 12, 2002. Shu Mei and two other women are starting an English school
there. Shu Mei owned one before and sold it. It was very successful and she made good money at it. So, I
will teach English there to little Chinese kids. (They are so cute!) I hope you will forgive me for having
written to you this "dissertation". I felt that I needed to properly thank for being the tool that
helped me encounter my soulmate. A few years ago, this would not have been possible. My how times
have changed! Thanks again,

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