June 27, 2001
Amelia Greaves "earhart" & Ken Jach "kenjach"

I (aka "earhart") wanted to start dating again and meet new people, so
my sister and I decided to have a fondue party at my house for a group
of singles in order to be more social and get to know people. The first
thing I planned was the guest list. I needed some more guys for the
number of girls I was inviting, but I didn't know any other single guys
that I wanted to invite. So, I got on ldssingles.com, entered in some
required fields, did a search, and invited four guys whom I had never
even e-mailed - let alone met before. Three of the four showed up that
night (April 7, 2001). Ken (aka "kenjach") was one of them. After a fun
dinner, and after I could finally start to relax, we began playing games
and Ken was definitely the coolest guy at the party -- so funny, which
is a must for me. I really liked him that evening when I met him. That
was a Saturday night, the following Monday, Ken called me to ask me out
for the following weekend. We dated for 10 wonderful weeks (flowers and
all) and on Tuesday, June 12th, Ken professed his love for me, (not for
the first time, mind you) in front of an entire Italian restaurant full
of guests and proposed right there, with everyone cheering him on. I of
course said yes, and we set a wedding date for 10 weeks later.

The most amazing part of the story is this... Ken signed up for
ldssingles.com last year, but got somewhat discouraged and took himself
off in February. He decided in April to sign back up and I had e-mailed
him not 1 hour after he signed back up. The timing was meant to be.
Thank you ldssingles.com for making a place that we could find one
another. We are so happy and can't wait to get married on August 25th,

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