July 23, 2001
Mary & Stephen

I joined L.D.S.S.O. back in March 2000, and quickly found many new and wonderful friends. I dated a few nice guys from the site, and have
friends that stretch all over the globe now. I moved to California, and renewed my membership with L.D.S.S.O. I decided a short time ago to not
renew my subscription and to see how the dating world would be again.... I guess I was wrong.... Stephen (BYUALUMNI) and I
(SUNNYDAZE), met online after Stephen was only online with L.D.S.S.O. for a little over a week. The first message sent, was the beginning of
something so completely wonderful. I would like to take a few minutes to share it with you. After the first message sent, we began to chat, and
quickly learned that we definitely had many similar interests. We began calling one another, and knew that the feelings growing between us
were definitely more than friendship. We quickly agreed to meet. I flew to Phoenix on July 13, 2001 to see Stephen, and as the plane was
pulling into the terminal, I could see this tall beautiful man, staring through the glass. My heart jumped. I couldn't get off the plane fast enough.
As I stepped off the plane and into the airport, I could see Stephen's huge smile, and beautiful blue eyes...not to mention it's hard to miss a guy
that is 6'6". He had in his hand a beautiful sterling rose, and I had for him a Winnie the Pooh. We kissed in the airport, and I knew my heart
found where it belonged. We spent the weekend talking, and learning about one another, we even went to a singles dance in Mesa Arizona.
There we danced as if we were the only two people in the room, we were caught up in the moment. He took me home to introduce me to his
family, which I completely loved and adored from the moment we met. He even set up an appointment for portraits of us together at his
mother's studio. Sunday July 15, 2001 was very special to me. Stephen took me to church, and then we had family dinner. After dinner,
Stephen took me to the Mesa Arizona temple so that I could get pictures at night. As we entered the grounds, my stomach got a little nervous.
I didn't know why. I mean I have been on temple grounds before. He walked me over to the large cork tree, and there, he asked me to be his
wife. He asked me to spend eternity with him. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and said, "Yes." We will be married in Mesa on
December 12, 2001. We know that Heavenly Father had the complete hand in our meeting. We would like to thank L.D.S.S.O. for giving us the
way, so that SUNNYDAZE and BYUALUMNI could find one another. I never thought that I would get to write the ending to my fairytale. I
never knew I could love someone so much and so complete, until now. Thank you for finding me Stephen, you are my prince.

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