Success Stories: 2001
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Sunnid and Milman (Ken and Diane) got married thanks to this site where we met.
Thank you LDS Singles!

I joined your service on dec 18th, more out of curiousity and not expecting to really find someone. I didn't have my photo up at first, and wrote about 10 people, not really expecting anything back, being they were all in utah and I am in minnesota! What a suprize! Aaron and I got engaged this saturday (Feb 17th), we do not have a wedding date set as of yet. We talked on the phone a couple of times and met for the first time on December 26th. We both had the most comforting feeling when we first met. I had gone through a painful divorce and an abusive relationship, and he had gone through many failed relationships with non members, and as a last hope before giving up, we had each been praying for our heavenly father to bring someone to us if it was the right time! We would have never met had it not been for ldsso, I never thought I would meet my eternal best friend on the internet but I would definitely reccomend this to anyone tired of dating non-members because they live in an area where there aren't many members. And I would also reccommend for others not to limit their searches to their immediate geographical area - the world is not that big and that is what there are planes for! We will let you know when we have a wedding date!

Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone at LDSSO.

In August of 2000, I met the man that I have always
dreamed of but never truly believed really existed.
He is the answer to my many fervent prayers. We were
married February 2, 2001, and I continue to be happier
than I could imagine.

I KNOW that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers.
And I also know that this is what He wants for ALL of
his sons and daughters. We were not created to be

To those of you still searching, trust in our Father
in Heaven and never, never give up. I am living proof
that we worship a loving Father who bestows miracles -
because - if He could find someone to put up with me
- then there HAS to be someone out there for each of

crazyredhead911 and roninky

This is to announce the wedding of Kristi Davis (aka KRISTI) and Patrick
Fitch (cant remember mine...). As the scriptures teach, "Seek and ye shall
find, knock and it will be opened unto you..." I found her door and
knocked......And there was the most wonderful smile! In march we will be

Well after many years of membership with LDSSO I am very happy to have to
end my subscription. Several months ago I met an other chatter and we are
now planning our wedding. We are going to be sealed for time and all
eternity in the San Diego temple on June 1, 2001.

I know that four years of membership seems a little extreme but it was well
worth it. Not only have I met my eternal companion, I have met many
wonderful friends whom I know were my friends and confidants in the
preexistence. For those who are looking for an eternal mate, please let
them know that it will come in time. For those who are sick of the world
and want to make some friends with the same values, this is a great place to
have fun and meet friends.

I am so very grateful that I found LDSSO and that it offered me a place to
meet my love. We will both remember this site and it will be a part of our
family history. I know one lesson that will be passed on to our children is
that they should talk to the shy people around them, just like their mother
did with their father.

Our eternal gratitude,

I guess I am a bit late in writing this, however, I just wanted toexpress my gratitude to this service. I was on here for a little over
two years and met many many people and made many friends. In June 2000,
I met the love of my life, Clint (pandaman). We were perfect for each
other right from the start. We never would have had an opportunity to
meet if it hadn't been for this service, even though we lived only 15
minutes away from each other. We were married on August 19, 2000 and
will be sealed in the Mesa Temple in August 2001. Thank you LDSSO for
giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet my soul mate. To all of
you still looking out there, give this place a chance, and if nothing
else you will make some amazing friends and meet some great people!
Good luck everyone, I wish you all the happiness that I have found!

After two years of using your service, i finally met my sweet companion that i will share all time and eternity with. On November 4th, 2000 we
married each others "best friend". My sweet companion and i are making our
home in Benson, AZ. I am now a step-father to two sweet daughters and
thoroughly enjoying having the family life that was so desirable to have in
Heavenly Fathers time frame. We thank all of the staff at LDSSO for
providing a much needed service to so many singles of our faith. We wish the
best to all of those individuals that are still searching for friendship,
love and social interaction with other quality LDS people out there doing
the same. May our Father above bless each and everyone of you in all your

John 1051 and I (Activegirl) were sealed in the St. Paul Temple on November 11, 2000. I am a convert to the church of 4 years and never thought I'd be
blessed this way ... MInnesota has a plethora of Catholic and Lutheran boys,
but alas, few men of my own faith. We had an added cause to celebrate .. my
former husband (and good friend and parenting partner) gave us permission to
have the children sealed to us the day of the wedding. (He's Jewish ... his
only comment was that the sealing better be for the other side of the veil
... on this side, the girls are his). He and John are getting along famously
and the girls now love both their dads. I feel like I've discovered paradise.

We both want to thank all of you who so diligently work on this website.
Words fail to express the blessing this service is to many of us who are
facing life without a special partner in our corner. Your work matters.

Never imagined meeting my eternal companion on the internet. Wasn't
having much luck looking in surrounding areas and had a strong feeling
to expand my search. The one and only person I wrote to ended up being
my "one and only." I know the spirit prompted me to write to him
because I never remember having such a strong feeling to write to him.

We met on LDS singles on Sept 9, 2000 and offically met in Oct in Salt
Lake City. He proposed on the second day of our meeting. We have since
spent lots of other quality time together along with using computer and
phone communication to our advantage and we have grown closer every
day. He is my best friend.

We will be sealed for time and all eternity February 10, 2001 in the
Salt Lake Temple and couldn't be happier.

"ladidit" and "justaman"

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