Success Stories: 2001
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On March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), Corinne (Unity2u) and Timothy
(tjohnlynch) got married in Geneseo, NY. In one year, we will be sealed in
the Washington, D.C. Temple. We clicked from the moment we first e-mailed
each other and the love and emotional connection grew before we even met in
person. When we did finally meet in November, we confirmed our love for
each other. We are blessed to have found each other, thanks sto this
service. We are what we both needed in our lives.

I swore I wouldn't post a cheesy success story, but hey, how could I resist!
Maybe it will inspire someone to hang in there with that long-distance
relationship. He's living in Alaska and I'm in Utah, but with a lot of
patience and honest communication we've made it work. Brett (AKUTDOC) and I
(Kristy10) started writing last March and are going to be married on May
31st. Yes, my friends, miracles do happen! Best wishes to all of you.
Thanks LDSSO for the cheapest form of entertainment around!

I am so busy right now, and the main reason is I am up to my neck in planning my wedding! I am the first one to say that I never thought I would meet my soon to be wife on LDSSO, but as things have unfolded we realize that we would not have met any other way! She is the most awesome person in the world, and we have so very much in common. I guess the reason to write this short note is to say how sincerely grateful I am to all of those at LDSSO who came up with this "internet" idea, implemented it, and then get to sit back and see the results! Thank You so very much! I will always be indebted to you...

Jay Dee Harris and Julie Johnson were married on March 16th. Thank you for your help. Julie Johnson Harris aka jewels5

Jay Dee and I met on this service a few months ago. We both seemed to like
the same things, and got to where we wanted to do more than email. We began
calling each other and we both knew it was going quite well. We included
the Lord in our courtship, and relied on his guidance. With the LDSSO, we
were able to find each other, even though we are over 800 miles apart!
When Jay Dee arrived in Phoenix, we went to the Mesa Temple and once again
inquired of the Lord, and we both knew it was meant to be. We married on
March 16th, 2001 in Phoenix, Az. We will make our home here in Thatcher for
a time, then move to the Mesa area to spend the rest of our time together.
THANK YOU for your service! I never thought, and he never thought that we
would find someone who was so right for each of us!

Boater and Yellowroses found each other on ldsso in Feb. of 2000. We areboth in the 50+ category (meaning more mature). Living 600 miles apart was
a big obstacle to getting to know each other. We found a lot in common
through emails and it warranted meeting each other. Something very special
happened on the first meeting. More times to be together were arranged and
each time there was a special feeling that this was meant to be. Having
relatives in each others' cities helped a lot in being able to spend time
together. In November of 2000, we became engaged and will be sealed in the
Temple on April 14, 2001.

This service really does help to find people with similar interests. Our
advice to others is to take it slow, be totally honest with yourself and
each other and let the gospel be one of your biggest shared interests. We
plan to live happily forever after.

My brother and sister-in-law met on this site. They are a success story if I have ever heard one. Both were divorced and they found each other just at the right time. I have never seen my brother happier. Annie makes him happier than his first wife ever did... they were married one year ago.

We will be married on May 18, 2001 in the Logan Temple. Have you ever heard
it possible to find a mate without ever having a date? We are writing to
inform you that it has happened... As of December 10, 2000 Todd (Elf) and
Carol (carhub73) have decided to become permanent activity partners. We
have chosen May 18, 2001 as the day to begin our adventure through time and
eternity together.

Thank you for the providing this service, our lives wouldn't be as
blessed as they are, for without it we never would have met!!!!

Thanks again


On January 7, 2001 I randomly wrote to one of the profiles I came across
(bretdude). It was an instant connection and before I knew it we were
dating. I'm pleased to announce that on May 11th bretdude and I (mjp78)
will be getting married for time and all eternity in the Mt Timpanogas
Temple. Thank you for this service that gave me the guts to say hello.

Thanks Again,

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