Success Stories: 2001
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Hi! My name is Jennifer Roberts a.k.a jennarae. In March of this year, I
met my eternal Companion, Vince Stinson a.k.a vince00 on LDS Singles Online.
Thank you so much for bringing this site to so many LDS people who are having
a hard time meeting other LDS people. Vince and I will be married on July
14th 2001. Once again, thank you so much for bringing this site to us.

Thanks for your help in bringing the two of us together. We are getting
married on May 4, 2001. We would have never met if it wasn't for this site!

Thanks Again!

Hi There,

I (Marie55) will be marrying (Caverbud) in the Manti temple on June 8!

You have a great site and I recommend you to everyone I have met on line on
the other sites!

I had 2 couples stay at my Bed & Breakfast (in Spring City) that had met on
line, so that is why I joined! It works If you are persistent!

Thanks for helping me to find my sweetie!

I joined ldsso for a 2 month trial. After 2 1/2 weeks I came across my
soon to be husband. Totally unsuspected, and not even thinking anything
would ever happen on ldsso, he turned out to be everything I have ever
asked God for. In fact, not being computer literate, after having a
blessing, I was inspired to try this out... My daughters had to teach
me how to just turn the computer on. I have fought against this kind of
method of meeting men. It's not my style. But, as I said before, I felt
very inspired to try it, and amazingly I met Rob. We both knew from
very early on that we were right for each other. We were married on
April 20, 2001.

The best to all of you,

In June of 2000 I finally met the man I have only dreamed of meeting and it
all happened within 45 days of logging onto LDSSO. We were married on
11/11/00 in Mesa Arizona and we are very grateful to LDSSO for such an
opportunity to meet, we were given the opportunity to know each others
spiritual side before we met and beleive me, the rest came easily once we
met, we both knew we were going to get married.

I am truley very happy,

Thank you,

Marshall and Angie Sharp

Thank you for your wonderful site! I met the man of my dreams, Adam (Welltrained), at on December 10, 2000. We met in real life on January 13, 2001 and were engaged on March 1, 2001. We will be married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on May 18, 2001, which by the way, is only 25 days from today! I signed up for LDSSingles after my aunt met her fiancé there and I am so glad I did. I just could not find the right person by meeting people at work and through friends. LDSSingles gave me a way to find someone who had compatible interests and goals and who was also looking for an eternal companion. Adam and I are so perfect for each other! I love him more every day and I am so happy that I can marry him on the temple!

Thank you again

Just a note to say thanks. Without this service I would never have found my eternal companion. I live in Alberta Canada and she is from Brisbane Australia. The challenges of distance have been great but after our first meeting I knew we were meant to be together forever. We will be married 21st April 2001 in the Cardston Albeta Temple

I just thought I would write and thank this site for helping me to find the man I have been waiting for all my life. On April 21st we will be
married. We met in this site the 1st of September, we started writing and
after we met in person we hit it off big. Don't be afraid of dating or
looking at someone who doesn't live in your area. I live in Nevada and he
lives in Calif. We traveled every weekend to see each other, I can recommend
cell phones that do mobile to mobile phone at no charge. It really saves on
those long distance bills.
I believe that this site is being blessed by the Lord and connects
people that would never have met. I thank you for putting this site together.


I never thought I would be writing a "success story"
to your service, always hoped I would, but never
thought it would happen. I found "the girl of my
dreams" on your site. I know that is a used up
phrase, but it is literally TRUE!!! Your site has
brought together Foutz and Goose in a year of much
growth! We sent you a wedding announcement that you
probably received and did not know who it was, but I
wanted you to see us together.

In February of 2000 Foutz and I started writing back
and forth. Our first date was in July, steady dating
from September on. Just before we went into the New
Years Eve dance, we got engaged.

Now, two weeks from today on April 20th, we are going
to be married in Manti. I feel so blessed of how the
Lord has guided our paths to bring us to this point.

I thank you again!

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