Success Stories: 2001
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Like many, I was pretty skeptical about joining ldsso. I went on some really bad dates and was nearly ready to call it quits when mike16 wrote me in July 2000. We met in person December 2000 and have been together nearly every day since. Mike is wonderful. He is everything I was looking for, and more. I'm so excited to be marrying him September 18, 2001. To all those who are just about ready to give up, take heart! It can happen to you!
Thank you, LDSSO!

Wgbgraywolf (William Bogert of Littleton, Co) and I met on your service. I
am Melinda Stark, of Yakima, WA (mmelindas) and we met in March of this year
on your service! On Friday, June 22nd, we are getting married in the
Portland Rose Garden and will be going to the Denver Temple a year from that
day. I am so grateful for meeting this wonderful, handsome, very spiritual
LDS priesthood holder, whom I never would have met if it were not for my
membership and his on your service. We are so happy we found each other - he
was about to give up looking after three years of trying. He is a widower,
who was happily married for 32 years, (age 55 now) and his beloved wife died
three years ago. We hit if off just great and look, here we are getting
married after only 3 months. The Lord confirmed to both of us that this is
right, we were meant for each other. I am moving to Colorado and we'll live
there, dedicating our marriage to the service of the Lord who brought us
together through you. This is the best way to meet somebody. William and I
became friends first, laid the foundation for love to grow. He came out to
visit me in May and now we are going on a ten day honeymoon white water
rafting and camping, sightseeing, starting this Friday, after our wedding.
My 16-year old son adores him and is so happy to have him in his life.
William's four grown daughters, and 7 grandchildren are very happy he's
found someone they've waited for so long for him to find... they feel I am
the answer to their many prayers.


In September of last year I joined LDSSO (initially as SpragueWA). I met a
lot of very nice people and found it enjoyable to chat when there was
"nothin' goin' on".
One day I was Searching, and ran across a picture of a very nice looking
fellow, "docrod" but decided not to write. A few days later, I found myself
back on his site, and dropped a quick line about what a good looking bunch of
kids he had (They really are a handsome group).

We casually wrote to each other but infrequently due to schedules, and over
time, got to know each other well enough to go out to lunch. I knew from the
moment I met my sweetheart that he was the kind of man I wanted to get to
know a lot better! The only phrase that adequately describes him is "true
gentleman". I used to think chivalry was not just dead but absent from the
earth altogether. Well, I was altogether wrong.

Docrod and I became the best of friends and spent a lot of time talking,
walking, cooking, etc. We concentrated on having fun and did not intend at
all on getting serious, because we both had "plans" to stay single!

However, Roderick proposed to me in the old fashioned way June 9th in the
Portland Temple, and of course I said yes! We will be married in the Portland
Temple August 1st, almost a year from our meeting date. I know certainly that
I would not have had the priveledge of making his acquaintence given our
schedules and proximity had we not had this creative venue available. After
15 years of being dragged behind the a horse and carriage, raising 3 kids on
my own for the bulk of that time, I have been rewarded with an eternal
companion that surpasses even Cinderella's dreams!

And yes, there are REAL MEN still out there ladies, so don't give up hope!

It is with deep gratitude and pleasure that we share with the many wonderful friends we've made on LDSSO the news of our marriage which will take place on June 30th in Spokane, WA. We are both
thankful for this forum and those who facilitate the site as without it we may never have met and known the blessing of marrying our soul mate. Our heartfelt thanks to the many people who have touched our lives with love
and friendship - we are richer for the experience of participating in LDSSO and having met all of you.

Dr. DETH and DocRam found each other on ldsso

The funniest thing was we lived only 2 miles the same city the whole time.

Our wedding date is Saturday, September 1, 2001 in the Portland Temple.

I just want to announcement my (shansaz) engagement to the most wonderful man in the world, Jon --He was a
subscriber but didn't meet him on here-- I think our paths would have crossed one way or another because we truly
are meant to be together. I did enjoy my time meeting wonderful people and making lasting friendships that I hope will
last. We will be married and sealed in the Mesa, Az temple on August 4th, 2001 and we can not wait! I thank my
Heavenly Father everyday for being such a special and spiritual and funny and HANDSOME man into my life to share
not only this life but eternity with. I hope everyone here can find the joy that I have found. I know it's not going to be
easy--I'm relocating to a new state, new home and a new job to help support my husband through school-- but it
will be definitely worth every moment and every challenge. I have never been happier in my life!

He was on line for just a few days and she was on line for just a few weeks when we
sent our first message on August 26, 2000. We were sealed in the Denver Temple on
December 28, 2000. Being married does not take away the challenges that we face in life
but gives us the opportunity and blessing to face them together. We count our meeting and
getting together as a miracle and thank LDSSOL for giving us the means to be able to find
the perfect match. Our advice--don't rush into the marriage thinking, "we can get sealed
later". Our clearances came through in a week and a half and our temple marriage is a
great blessing to us and our EIGHT children. Sending messages back and forth to each
other was the highlight of our courtship. As a mother of five, cyberdating was great! The
day my Prince Charming rode in on his white horse to take me away was the best day of
my life.

this is to thank for bringing skidave and crystal together
for the first time February 2nd and for helping us find our true soulmates
in each other. We are both extremely happy and are getting married June
9th,2001 in the Arizona Temple. Our children from our previous marriages are
happy and excited for us too. We know if it wasn't for ldssingles we would
never have met. Dave lived in Salt Lake City and Crystal was in
Arizona....Dave loves the ski slopes, Crystal loves to swim and waterski.
But thanks to the services you provided we were able to meet and find out we
both love people, the gospel, trying new things, and having fun. Now we are
anxiously engaged....thanks again.

"Virgo" and "AbidingLove" now give announcement of their wedding on May
21, 2001. "We met a few months ago through Ldsso and were happily married
on the date above in Temple, Texas. We encourage all LDS singles to
diligently search with faith in the Lord and find the happiness they seek
until they with His help find the wonderful companion of their dreams.
Thanks to Heavenly Father and all those at we express our
appreciation and gratitude.

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