Success Stories: 2001
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I surfed through the profiles and knew Justin was my
love before even writing him. We both became full
members just to write each other. We met about a month
later, and on August 3, 2001 we will be sealed in the
Nashville, Tennessee Temple. We both live in northern
Minnesota, where he was before we met, and are
thrilled with the success from We
certainly couldn't have found each other without it.
Thank you for bringing Justin and I together across
1300 miles to be eternal partners.

Thanks to a friend of mine I discovered your site. After doing a search, 5 names came up and one of them was Joekidd. Right away, I fell head
over heels for him. I needed to join your service so that I could send him an email. Needless to say, we hit it off with out a hitch. We've hit it off
so well that we will be getting sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple in October. I never thought that I could meet the man of my dreams from the
internet...but I was wrong. Thanks to you I have. You have a great service. Thanks for everything. :o)

April 12th of this year, Ethan and Mary met in the LDS Singles chat room
and hit it off right away! We chatted for about a week and then began to
talk on the phone. A month later Ethan flew to meet Mary, which was really
cool because Ethan lived in Maine and Mary in Utah. Ethan spent over a week
there with Mary and we new we were in love. The wedding is now set for
August 25th at the Mtn.Timpanogos Temple. We just wanted to say thanks
because without LDS Singles, we never would have found each other, although
I'm sure Heavenly Father had a back-up plan. :)

Craig (Gauchos) and Claudia (CJRN5) were married July 7, 2001 in West Jordan,
Utah. We wrote each other through your service, visited over the phone, and
were very pleasantly surprised when we finally met in person! We are so
grateful for your service. Without it we would never have found each other!
The word "soulmate" is often used in profiles. In our case it truly applies.
We will wholeheartedly recommend LDSSO to any of our single friends. Again,
thanks from the bottom of our hearts...

Thanks to LDSSO and the hands of our loving Heavenly Father, Andrea
Stapleton(DREA) from Southern California and Jeremy Fairbanks(JD2278) from
Utah met online on April 14, 2001 and in person two weeks later. We both
joined LDSSO for fun, not intending to meet our eternal companion. Little
did we know that the Lord had a plan for us. We will be married in the Los
Angeles temple on August 11, 2001. Good luck to all LDSSO members searching
for that special someone!

Hal & I met through your wonderful service and are planning to marry in the
early spring of 2002. We will be married and sealed in the new SnowFlake AZ
Temple which is due for dedication later this year. He lives in Arizona, and
I am in Michigan. I will be moving to Arizona very shortly to find suitable
housing for us and a new job in that area. It's hard to leave your home and
friends, but thanks to our Heavenly Father's guidance, I have finally found
my Eternal Companion. Thank you LDSSO for being the instrument in His hands
to help us find each other.

My name is Clark Larsen (Rog1973) of Salt Lake City, Utah. I met Michelle Cheney (MLC) also of Salt Lake on your web
site on March 8, 2001. I had been a member about five months and Michelle had only been a member about six days when
we first started e-mailing each other. Neither of us realized how fast we were going to fall in love and have a desire to
marry each other in the temple.
We went on our first date on March 16th and by April 2nd, we were engaged. Our wedding day is planned for August 17th
of this year in the Jordan River Temple. We both wanted to thank you for this web site, because even though we both lived
and grew up here in the Salt Lake Valley, we probably would have never met any other way. Since neither of us went to the
same schools or had the same friends, we figured the only other way we would have met would be if we were in a fender
bender together. Both of us agree that meeting on this web site would have been alot better then meeting after a fender
Well keep up the good work and thank you again for blessing both of our lives.

The former 2ndof4 and thesinglegirl have eloped! We tied the knot on
June 28th!

I (aka "earhart") wanted to start dating again and meet new people, so
my sister and I decided to have a fondue party at my house for a group
of singles in order to be more social and get to know people. The first
thing I planned was the guest list. I needed some more guys for the
number of girls I was inviting, but I didn't know any other single guys
that I wanted to invite. So, I got on, entered in some
required fields, did a search, and invited four guys whom I had never
even e-mailed - let alone met before. Three of the four showed up that
night (April 7, 2001). Ken (aka "kenjach") was one of them. After a fun
dinner, and after I could finally start to relax, we began playing games
and Ken was definitely the coolest guy at the party -- so funny, which
is a must for me. I really liked him that evening when I met him. That
was a Saturday night, the following Monday, Ken called me to ask me out
for the following weekend. We dated for 10 wonderful weeks (flowers and
all) and on Tuesday, June 12th, Ken professed his love for me, (not for
the first time, mind you) in front of an entire Italian restaurant full
of guests and proposed right there, with everyone cheering him on. I of
course said yes, and we set a wedding date for 10 weeks later.

The most amazing part of the story is this... Ken signed up for last year, but got somewhat discouraged and took himself
off in February. He decided in April to sign back up and I had e-mailed
him not 1 hour after he signed back up. The timing was meant to be.
Thank you for making a place that we could find one
another. We are so happy and can't wait to get married on August 25th,

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