Success Stories: 2001
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I went on here in thhe beginning of Oct. 2000. Then I e-mailed a member on Oct. 27th, . 1
year later I waas married on Oct. 27th of 2001. It did work... he is the perfect man for me.
Yeah, I know, this sounds to good to be true. Well, I thought the same. But, snap out of it,
it's true! So, don't give up. This could happen for you too.

I am very pleased with what did for me. Last year, I had come to a
crossroads in my life. I had been dating a girl who's main focus was on partying
every night. I tried to maintain that lifestyle too, but I knew inside that it wasn't
right. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. We were definitely on two different
courses. So, we broke up. I really didn't want another relationship at that time. I
just needed a penpal. So, I placed an ad on looking for that. I got
about a dozen responses, but only wrote back to one. It was from a girl in Taiwan. I
figured, how much safer can I get? It is the other side of the world from me, so
there's no chance of meeting. I was wrong. We exchanged email messages from
February of this year, until she moved to Seattle, Washington. She intended on going to
school in Seattle, in order to receive her Masters degree in Teaching. She had already been through 4 years
of college in Taiwan and 4 years of college in the US (BYU). She was a convert to the LDS Church, at the
age of 18, and had served a mission in Taiwan. Even though I wasn't looking for a relationship, something
compelled me to go see her. So, I flew to Seattle and saw her, Shu Mei is her name, about half a dozen
times. Meeting Shu Mei is just what the doctor ordered for me. I'm not saying it was love at first sight, but it
was close to it. She is the most spiritual person I have ever met. Also, I am hardpressed to find any
weaknesses in her. She tells me about her weaknesses. However, the things she tells me about really are
trivial. That is how far along she has come in her personal development. It could take me decades to be
where she is now. During a two-week stretch of my vacation, I proposed to her. I had my Dad take my
picture in front of a big cactus. I was holding a sign that said, "Shu Mei, will you marry me?" Then, I had the
picture enlarged. I glued it to wood and cut it into pieces for a jigsaw puzzle. I cut two hearts where the sign
was. Then, I put all of the pieces in a bag, except the two hearts, and gave the bag to her. She put the puzzle
together and thought there were missing pieces. I pulled them out of my pocket. She put them in the puzzle.
As she read the question, I pulled the engagement ring out of my other pocket and got down on my knees.
Well, you know the answer. I have to admit that I never was particularly attracted to Asian women. Having
never been to that part of the world (I served an LDS mission in Brazil, as far away from Taiwan as you
could get), nor been around that race of people. But, I am attracted to Shu Mei. It goes beyond physical
attraction, although she is visually stunning. Shu Mei has inner beauty unmatched by anyone I've ever met.
I cannot imagine -not- wanting to be with her forever. So, I have been straightening up my act. As I said, it
began far before I met Shu Mei. She has just solidified things a bit. We plan on getting married in the LDS
temple, which isn't a small task for me. It is a long hard road to receiving my temple recommend. I have had
to avoid many would-be temptations along the way. I have learned that FOCUS is the key to motivation in
anything. I strive to do that which I know is right. I know that I will make mistakes along the way. I just
hope that I can overcome those mistakes and keep on going toward my goal. I plan on moving to Taiwan
when I get married there, on January 12, 2002. Shu Mei and two other women are starting an English school
there. Shu Mei owned one before and sold it. It was very successful and she made good money at it. So, I
will teach English there to little Chinese kids. (They are so cute!) I hope you will forgive me for having
written to you this "dissertation". I felt that I needed to properly thank for being the tool that
helped me encounter my soulmate. A few years ago, this would not have been possible. My how times
have changed! Thanks again,

*WE ARE ENGAGED!* This site really works. I have met the most wonderful
woman, Kristina Behrens (Hawkeye), and we are engaged to be married on
Feb. 2, 2002. I was surprised by how fast things moved but when it is
right, it's just perfect. I appreciated talking with and meeting
everyone I did here but the time has come for me to focus on my
sweetheart. Thanks to for setting up this great system.
Good luck to everyone.
One final thought fo those still looking.* Keep on trying. Things do
have a way of working out especially when you are most unsure. My
fiancee was just about to give up on this service when she gave it one
last try and wrote to me. In the process she found her soulmate and I
found mine. There are those here on this site who are less than they
appear but there also those who are serious about the gospel and are
really fantastic people. The process of sifting out the chaf is a huge
struggle but the results are so worth it. Thanks again LDSSingles.


I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your website, my fiance and I are engaged to be married in a few months. We met almost a
year ago through LDSSO. He was the first and only guy I met after I had been on the website just a few months and he turned out to be
wonderful. I'm still amazed - and so glad I decided to give it a try even though I was skeptical!

I just thought you might want to know about another success story! Thanks!

This is an incredible story!! My new husband and I met on this site--with no idea that we had actually
known each other when we were children!! I was living in Virginia and he was living in California at the
advent of our writing. After corresponding for a few months, his mother realized that she had known my
family when my father had been stationed at the local Air Force Base over 25 years before. She had been
the primary president at the time and my husband and I had gone to nursery and primary with one another
until we were nearly five and my father was transferred! She remembered me clearly and even had an old
primary roster in her archives showing both her son and I together in the same class, and she also described
my behaviors and demeanors at that time. How absolutely wonderful! We are now the proud parents of a
combined family of 4 and have emerged from the dark tunnels of our divorces with our testimonies in tact
and gratitude in our hearts for the technology of today that would lead us to our soul mates and along the
path to the temple once again. Thank you for your part!!

I wanted to let you know that Barry Jessee (barry246) and Brenda Sonnenberg
(christylee) met April 13th on your web site and September 15th we were
married in the Salt Lake City Temple. We are so blessed to have 10 beautiful
children, 6 inlaw children and 5 grandchildren. Our lives are so blessed.
We are grateful to your web site for offering us this opportunity to meet.
How else would two people living 900 miles apart ever meet. I tell all my
friends about your site. Thanks so much.

Dear Lds
Matthew Merrill Kenyon ( a.k.a. FABMAN ) and I ( CECILIA2 ) met on this site
and fell for each other. We have been writing and talking to each other over the
phone since Oct. 2000 and finally met in person last March 2001. We decided to get
married after we met. We got married last Friday ( Sept. 21 ) at Albuquerque, New
Mexico Temple.
We owe this blessing to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and to you.We are and
we will be forever grateful for helping us meet. More power to this wonderful and
helpful site. Thank again....

This is a story of a boy and a girl who met on LDSSO and Fell in Love and Got Married!
I am from Arizona and served a mission in Tennessee. I served in an area there with an old friend from my
hometown. My friend fell in love with a girl in Tennessee and they got married after his mission. A few
months later, I got off of my mission and dated a little but could not find the "right girl" for me. So, I
decided to check out this LDSSO thing-- and doing things like this was so "not like me". But I had to give it
a chance!
Well, I was looking up new profiles and I saw a name from the same area that my friend met his "new wife".
And I knew that she had a sister named Merrianne--I thought to myself, "Could this be her??" So, I just
said "What the heck, I will write and ask her". Well, lo and behold It Was Her!! Our personalities just
clicked! And I found myself so attracted to her, even though she had not posted her picture on there yet. I
was very intrigued by her! But when she did get her picture on there--WOW!!! Well, we chatted a lot and
talked a lot on the phone. Then I flew her out here for a weekend and we totally hit it off! Then I went to her
home and visited her and it was just obvious to both of us we were meant to be! So, I asked her father for
permission to take his daughter's hand in marriage. (It was the hardest thing that I had ever done!!-yes, I
was sweating!) I was so relieved when her father said "YES!" Well, The next month she decided to move
herself and her beautiful daughter here to Arizona. Then on June 7, 2001 I asked her to marry me. I was so
relieved when she said "YES!" Then we got married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple on September 1, 2001.
We are so very happy! Yes, Dreams Can Come True! (they sure did with us!!!)
So, do not give up. You can meet someone on here and can be very happy. Do not let distance get you
discouraged, you can get great deals on plane tickets on the internet!!!!
Yours Truly,

We owe all our happiness to this site. My husband Doug (Gyro) and I
(Meowmix) met on LDSSO back in August 1999. We started emailing, talking on
the phone and ultimately met in person on month later. After dating long
distance for over a year, thanks to Southwest Airlines, we got married in
the Oakland Temple in April 2001. I never would have found Doug without
LDSSO - our paths would never have crossed. We want to say thank you for
making our wonderful marriage possible.

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