Success Stories: 2001
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It's amazing how the Lord works sometimes...thanks to LDS singles online,
two people have found each other. One of us is from Arizona, the other
Indiana. But with LDS Singles, we were connected. Neither of us went on
this site to find an eternal companion, but the day we started
chatting...there was an instant connection that bonded us immedietly.
Both of us were unable to ignore it, and finally we met. One thing led to
another, and on March 2nd, Kerstin and Ned will be sealed for time and
all eternity in the Louisville, KY temple. Thanks LDS Singles for giving
us the oppurtunity to find each other. And for those of you who think
this site doesn't work....just you wait. That's what we ALL said! Thanks
again! And, good luck!

Thanx LDSSO!!! Thanx to your website, kattykyt and adamh have fallen in love and are going to be sealed for time
and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple on January 5, 2002! Both of us didn't know what to expect from this
website really does work! Through lots of e-mails, phone conversations and visits, we have made this
California-Missouri relationship work. Thank you again for "introducing" us and we will be sure to recommend this
site to others.

On February 1st 2002, Kevin and I will be sealed for time and
eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. One year from that date, we will
get to kneel across the alter once more to have my little boy sealed
to us. Meeting Kevin has blessed my life, and made it complete.:)
Dating is a frustrating time for a lot of us, but what I learned from
my experiences is to NEVER ignore the promptings of the spirit, it
will never lead you astray. If you are patient, and place your life in
the Lords hands, happiness and love WILL find you. Thanks LDSSO, I
believe I would have found Kevin no matter what, but I think you sped
up the process! Happy hunting to the rest of you;)!!!

If you would have asked either of us, in spring, if we were going to get
married this year we would have laughed out loud and said NO!
In April I started to write Mark through and miracle
of miracles he read my profile and actually wrote back.
We wrote until June 30 when we went on our first date to see the West
Fest fireworks. It was the most wonderful date either of us had been on.
We talk to each other the entire time and never felt uncomfortable.
We kept dating and calling each other. Things became more serious when
he asked me if he could kiss me just a few days before my birthday. It
was both our first kiss.
It got harder and harder to say good night when he or I had to go home.
So we decided to do something about it. We were unofficially engaged on
September 8th and officially engaged on September 11th.
We just experience the most marvelous day in our life as we were sealed
for eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.
Thank you for helping us be at the right place at
the right time to meet.

Thank you for providing a fun, safe way for members of the Church to meet!
I'm happy to announce that as a result of your service, I am now joyfully

Thank you!

I would like to thank you for guiding me (so-to-speak) in finding the
right girl to marry. I am a member of the Saint Robert Missouri Stake of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The area in which I reside
has a scarcity of singles members. I set up an account on LDSSO because I
thought perhaps it would allow me more access to single saints such as
myself, who wish to proceed to a higher station in life and long for the day
of a Temple Marriage. I did not imagine however, that soulmates could be
found. Well, I have found my best friend and soulmate. I met online
through your message system the sweetest soul and later proposed. Actually,
I just proposed this last Sunday in Draper, Utah. In a few short months we
will be married in the Jordan River Temple. I never thought that my fondest
dreams would be fulfilled in the Great State of Our Lovely Deseret. I'm not
even from Utah! I never thought I would go there, but I did after having
met someone on your program. The best thing is that fonder dreams are yet
to come.
Once again, that you for being the "stepping stone" to greater things.
You have serve well in a wonderful effort. I hope that everyone who seeks
real love, true love, Christ-like love, will find it.
Your Brother in Faith,

luvableguy to wed sweetchick33 on May 16th 2002 in the SLC
temple.....newly engaged and lovin every minute of it

I just wanted to thank! Because of this service, I was able to meet up
with the man I'm engaged to be married to February 23, 2002. We will be married
in the Dallas temple for time and all eternity. I never truly thought that I'd meet my
eternal mate online. I mean we live about 9 hours away from each other, but we've
decided to make it work. We never would have met if he hadn't emailed me and if I
wasn't open to meeting up with him while I was in New Orleans.
Thanks again for all that ya'll do! I recommend this service to all my single friends.

Thank you LDS Singles. Through your organization I have met my soul mate. We are to be married in the Provo
Temple on 15 December 2001. I highly recommend the LDS Singles to everyone that I know who is searching for
friendship and possibly more. Thanks again.

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