September 05, 2000
Robertluis and mswings

(Robertluis) and (mswings) would like to share our success story with all who may be still writing to us both. We haven't had time to take our profiles off yet. For all those who believe there is no hope, yes the internet is a possible key to finding your eternal companion. We corresponded by complete inspiration 4/15/00 (more or less). Mswings, was actively writing several guys when she recieved robertluis's email. There was a slight hesitation on her part to write to a man who had been widowed after 10yrs of an temple marriage and had 3 young children one being only 6mths old because she had never been married or had children.
She neverless responded to his inquiries because she felt prompted by the spirit. After 2 weeks of email correspondence, we decided it would be better to talk on the phone. We then began a worldwind phone romance for 2 1/2 weeks every day. Conversations tended to go untill 2 and 3am, but we really got to know each other. After a month of only verbal communication, we decided that we needed to meet.
Robertluis flew me out to meet him. He recognized me right off the bat. She felt she'd never had so much in common with a person. Robertluis then drove 5 hours to see her the next week. The feelings were not only the same, but had increased because both had gone to the Heavenly Father about the relationship. This relationship was different for both of us and both felt at peace with the relationship.
That same weekend, Robertluis asked Mswings 3 times to marry her. This was not because she didn't want to, but because he needed to really do it right! She finally said yes and then all were informed.
We were sealed in the LA Temple 8/5/00 at 11:00 am. We have been married for one month and things are going great.
Yes, with God all things are possible and LDS

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