March 25, 2000
Dizy & Cousinvinnie - Desiree & Robert

When I first accessed LDSSO over a year and a half ago, I thought "what the heck". I had had little or no
success, mingled with a few heart aches in between. I had spoken briefly in chat to Cousinvinnie, but hey.... he
wasn't really my type. Then one day this past September, I had come into chat not feeling too good and there
he was to cheer me up. He asked if he could call me the following day and I said "sure, why not". What did I
have to lose?? The next afternoon I spent over three hours on the phone with Robert (Cousinvinnie). Turns out
we had a lot more in common then I thought. We have been on the phone virtually EVERY night since. He
decided to fly out to meet me the first week of March this year. We already knew in our hearts that this was
meant to be and after meeting it only confirmed that fact. Robert asked me to marry him in the Celestial Room at
the Oakland Temple on March 10th and we are scheduled to be sealed for time and all eternity in that very temple
on June 24th, 2000. Thank you LDSSO for reuniting me with my soulmate. For those of you who are out there
looking, Don't give up. I nearly did and look at what I could have lost. It may take longer than you want, for it is
for the Lord to decide, but keep your faith and your goals. Best of luck to you all.

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