March 15, 2000
Tricia Eastin & John Downam

This service is outstanding and very professional and verses the other
sites that are out there for meeting other people. Tricia Eastin and I (John
Downam) met through this site July of '99. We were able to develop a strong and
loving relationship through dating. We have LDSSO to thank for that. We were
engaged in November '99 and will be getting married and sealed for all time and
eternity in the Arizona Mesa temple on April 22, 2000. We both think highly of
LDSSO that you can go on line and have the ability to meet other LDS members and
fill that gap that so many people want to fill. The comfort that Tricia and I
feel from this service is indescribable for we have been able to grow in the
gospel and know that our Heavenly Father has a great plan for us and we will be
together for time and eternity. We both highly recommend this comfortable site
to every LDS member who wants deeply to find the one that will be with them for
time and eternity and make them happy. Tricia and I are so happy that we can
not put into words what it means to us to have been able to meet through this
service. We sincerely hope that with LDSSO you will be able to find your
eternal mate and may the blessings of our beloved Heavenly Father shower down
upon you and allow you to prosper.

Most Humbly and Thankfully:

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