Success Stories: 2000
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On November 10, 1999, the Lord intervened and brought two more seeking souls
together! I never really believed that anything would ever develop from
joining LDSSO other than making perhaps a few new friends, but Heavenly
Father, as always, knew better. He has heard my many prayers and knew well
my heart's desires and He led me to the most wonderful man! From the very
beginning of our first communications, I felt warmth, safety, trust,
kindness and understanding! It was as if we had known each other forever,
not just days or weeks. On December 6th we had our first telephone
communication, which soon led to nightly conversations that consistently
lasted for 2, 3 and even 4 hours. (We believe we have personally kept the
phone company well in the financial black!) On February 12, 2000, I flew
down to Mississippi from Massachusetts to meet this glorious man. Any
feelings of loneliness that had filled my soul as a single woman quickly
vanished. He is all I ever dreamed of and more! On February 16th, he
proposed and I was honored to accept! We are now planning a May wedding in
the Atlanta Temple! We are certain that Heavenly Father's hand has played a
major role in guiding us together and we will be forever grateful to LDSSO
for enabling us to meet and help us on our eternal quest for a celestial
marriage. We both wish you all the best in your eternal quest!

I am happy to announce that the most wonderful man and I are getting married
on July 14, 2000 in the Mt. Timpanogos, Utah, temple. We didn't meet on
your service, but I thank you for the friends I made here. Please remove our

We just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the opportunity that your
service gave us to meet. Because of you, we were able to find one another
through the wonders of modern technology. We will be married May 27th,
2000, and couldn't be happier.

Just wanted to let you guys know, that awhile ago a met an amazing young
lady on LDSSO. I happy and grateful to say that I will be marrying this
wonderful girl and also I will be sealed to her 10 month old son on the same
day. I would like to thank you very much for the service which you are
providing, and for the help you have given me in helping me find my eternal

Thank You very Much!

Your service has paid off and I am getting married on February 21, to a
young lady I met using LDS Singles.

Thank you so much for a wonderful service.


My husband and I owe LDSSO a huge THANK YOU. Shortly after our first
"Hello message" we met and went on our first date. Talk about love at
first sight.......We fell in love and even Paul moving to Texas a week after
we met couldn't keep us apart. When he came to visit me (in Cerritos, CA)
over the holidays he told me he'd be back shortly. And three weeks
later he arrived and we were married on January 29, 2000. Paul, myself,
and his/mine but now "our" children are together in Texas and extremely
happy!! Thanks for finding me the man of my dreams! Good luck to everyone
using LDSSO!!! Thanks again!!

Two very lucky people met on December 17, 1999. These lucky people both truly believe to have found
eternal companions and happiness with the help of God and the L.D.S. Church. Our two family's will now
be combined as one, full of love, respect and sharing. We would like to announce the engagement, on
January 29, 2000 of Don (LEDFOOT) AND Joyce (Jo).

In August 1999, I met Mark here on LDSSO. We became friends, then GOOD
friends, then something more until Mark proposed on New Year's Eve.
We've been astonished to find how much we have in common and how perfect
we are for each other. Mark is absolutely wonderful and my love for him
far exceeds anything I ever thought possible! We are to be married
March 2000 in the Portland temple and are so grateful to have found one
another through your service. Thanks a million! :o)

Once upon a time, two princesses, tired of the lackluster princes in their
realm, decided to search high and low for their Prince Charmings via LDSSO.
As luck would have it, they BOTH found their Prince Charmings here. The
best friend princesses may even have a double wedding! Carina (MrsPotts)
and Toby (Bard) will be married May 13. Pamela (supertech) and her prince
(who wishes to remain anonymous) just got engaged and may have to invade the
temple the same day. Neither princess ever thought she would resort to
using the internet to find a spouse, but they were inspired and are looking
forward to living happily-ever-after.

Thanks to all who wrote!

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