Success Stories: 2000
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Brian and I were both very new to LDSSO and are still surprised but
blessed that we have found each other. We will be wed for time and all
eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on March 31, 2000. Thank you for the
opportunity to use technology to further Heavenly Father's work and to
help us to find each other in such a short time! We look forward to our
new and eternal life together, one of love, sharing and mutual respect
and support. Thanks, again!

I just wish to thank you for your wonderful service and the opportunity to
meet other LDS singles. I have met my one and only. I guess you could say it
was love at first sight. We both like the same things and feel the same way
about the gospel and our heavenly Father. Thanks again for a wonderful
service you have brought into the lives of many and good luck to the other
brothers and sisters. God bless.

Elizabeth Wood (for now)

This service is outstanding and very professional and verses the other
sites that are out there for meeting other people. Tricia Eastin and I (John
Downam) met through this site July of '99. We were able to develop a strong and
loving relationship through dating. We have LDSSO to thank for that. We were
engaged in November '99 and will be getting married and sealed for all time and
eternity in the Arizona Mesa temple on April 22, 2000. We both think highly of
LDSSO that you can go on line and have the ability to meet other LDS members and
fill that gap that so many people want to fill. The comfort that Tricia and I
feel from this service is indescribable for we have been able to grow in the
gospel and know that our Heavenly Father has a great plan for us and we will be
together for time and eternity. We both highly recommend this comfortable site
to every LDS member who wants deeply to find the one that will be with them for
time and eternity and make them happy. Tricia and I are so happy that we can
not put into words what it means to us to have been able to meet through this
service. We sincerely hope that with LDSSO you will be able to find your
eternal mate and may the blessings of our beloved Heavenly Father shower down
upon you and allow you to prosper.

Most Humbly and Thankfully:

I just wanted to let you know of another success story! John (JDBDRWHO) and
Hey! I (GHILLIES) met here and are to be married for time and all eternity in the
Mt. Timpanogos Temple on April 8, 2000. Isn't that awesome? What's really
amazing is how much we have in common, and even though we work at the same
company and live very close to each other, it wasn't likely that we would
have met without this fantastic

Thank you so much for this service. Because of you I have met the most
wonderful man in the whole world. He is from Texas and I am from Utah,
so there is no way we would have met without you. We corresponded for
awhile and met on February 10. We were engaged on February 26. We are
so perfect for each other, definitely a match made in heaven. We are
both exactly what the other person was looking for. There is not another
person more suited for me than him. We are getting married in June. We
are both very excited and thank you so much for bringing us together.

We would like to bear our testimony that LDSSO is the true Internet dating
service. We LOVE this service! We LOVE! We LOVE it! So, Melinda
(codename MelindaBeth) and i (codename DavidCole) are engaged to be married
on April 21 in the Columbia, SC, Temple. Cool, huh? Yeah, it is. Let me see,
i sent her my first message on November 23 and flew out (from Charleston,
SC) to Thousand Oaks, CA, (that's 2600 miles) on December 4. We fell crazy in
love that weekend. Oh, yeah, we did. Then, she moved out here on January, um,
what was it, 26? Yeah. Now she's a mule-driving tour guide, and we're looking
forward to getting married and stuff, and all is well. Ok, good luck, all.
Rock on.

My fiance and I are planning to marry April 15, 2000. Thanks for your service!

Hey people !!! thanks for all the fun time you all gave me on this thing....
well i met ericka from twin falls idaho and am getting married to her in the
end of summer.... so im really excited.... hope you all the best of
luck.......... later ... zzzzzz

I just wanted to let you know that I think this program is wonderful. Back in October of 1999 I signed up for 1 month. I met quite a few guy's on line, but a few were kinda scary. I had my favorite that I loved to write. I had decided to get off line, so I wrote to my friend and told him I was getting off and asked him if he would like to keep in touch with me. that was on November 1, 1999. By November 4th he flew out to Salt Lake to meet me and my family. The next weekend I flew out to meet his family. The weekend after that we were engaged. and on January 22, 2000 we were married. We are as of now expecting our first child to be due sometime at the end of October.

Thank you for your site!!!

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