Success Stories: 2000
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It all started when I was cleaning out my planner (brain) and found a
sticky not with LDSSO's URL on it, last Spring. I wrote hundreds of
wonderful women across the country, called many, dated several, and just
recently purchased the "hardware" for one, the woman of my dreams, the
former Ann-04.
We're getting married July 8th in the gorgeous Bountiful Temple and we
are so happy. Wedding plans can get stressful, but we've found each
other's hiking / camping / bird watching / lifelong-adventure buddy!
Finding someone on the internet? Opening your heart to total
strangers. It's kind of funny because I'm curious to get online, enter
the bio info, and tell all those wonderful people that I wrote last
year, that I'm engaged, to be married for time and all eternity; alas,
I'm engaged, and I'll just hope that many of you check the wedding
announcements for the good news.
Dating in the new millenium internet style! Yee haw! God bless.

Kevin76 and Twinklestar met here, and we were married on November
20,1999. We are very happy, and grateful to have met each other via
this avenue. Both of us met alot of people, and weren't expecting to
find love, but it just happened.......and we are so thankful.
Today we deleted our profiles, and I'm sorry to all you girls who keep
writing to Kevin76, but HE'S TAKEN!!!!!!
Best to all of you.....

I'm JeromeM and i met Redheadediva on this site, and am very happy. We
will be married on August 12th. I will recommend this site to anyone who will
listen. I am grateful for your service because it has made me a happy man,
and i just thought i would brag a little. Than you very much!!!!!

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service. I was an LDSSO
member for just 3 months before I found my fiancee on your service. I am the
former RedheadDiva, and he is the former JeromeM. We will be married on
August 12th. Besides meeting my fiancee, I had lots of fun meeting LDS
singles on LDSSO and making some great friendships. I've reccommened your
site to many friends who have had similar successes. Once again, thank you.


Thank you Ldsso for finding the women of my dreams. Last Dec. 1999
Heather (RNinSOCA) wrote me Mike (Mike983) and we started to chat. Went on
our first date to Disneyland on Dec.14th and we were off and running. We both
enjoyed our first kiss together on New Years Eve and believe me it was No
Mickey Mouse Kiss. Our relationship grew immensley and I popped the Big
question on March 14th. Heather was surprised and said "Yes" while I
slipped the ring on her finger. We together have enjoyed our time these past
2 weeks as an engaged couple and look forward to being sealed in San Diego in
September 2000. Thany you once again.

I was sealed on March 10th in the St. Paul Minnesota Temple to my sweetheart
whom I met on LDSSO last year. I never thought in a million years that I would
find my eternal mate in a world full of strangers...and certainly not online!
LDSSO allowed us to meet and get to know each other even though we were
separated by a dozen states. By virtue of being on LDSSO, we knew the second
we started corresponding that we both had the same goal of nothing less than a
temple marriage and that we shared a sincere love of the gospel and of our
Heavenly Father. Distance would not keep us apart...and the Lord saw to it
that all obstacles were cleared (and there were MANY) to bring us together
eternally despite the geographic difficulties.

We wish the best to our brothers and sisters who would use this service to its
fullest. Faith, hope, and regular prayer coupled with a pure love of Christ
(and a method to meet individuals with the same values, as it is with LDSSO)
will bring the Lord's special souls together somehow. Believe.

Mr. and Mrs. John Callaway
(plasticman35 and NinaMN)

When I first accessed LDSSO over a year and a half ago, I thought "what the heck". I had had little or no
success, mingled with a few heart aches in between. I had spoken briefly in chat to Cousinvinnie, but hey.... he
wasn't really my type. Then one day this past September, I had come into chat not feeling too good and there
he was to cheer me up. He asked if he could call me the following day and I said "sure, why not". What did I
have to lose?? The next afternoon I spent over three hours on the phone with Robert (Cousinvinnie). Turns out
we had a lot more in common then I thought. We have been on the phone virtually EVERY night since. He
decided to fly out to meet me the first week of March this year. We already knew in our hearts that this was
meant to be and after meeting it only confirmed that fact. Robert asked me to marry him in the Celestial Room at
the Oakland Temple on March 10th and we are scheduled to be sealed for time and all eternity in that very temple
on June 24th, 2000. Thank you LDSSO for reuniting me with my soulmate. For those of you who are out there
looking, Don't give up. I nearly did and look at what I could have lost. It may take longer than you want, for it is
for the Lord to decide, but keep your faith and your goals. Best of luck to you all.

In December 1999 while searching, LoriH came across ChrisB. In early
March LoriH asked ChrisB to marry her. He said yes. On March 19,
ChrisB presented LoriH with an engagement ring and a marriage license.
On March 20 they eloped and are now planning to be sealed in a year when
her temple clearance comes through. Thank you LDSSO for helping us find
each other and an enormous amount of happiness! We will miss all the
wonderful friends we've met here.

I just wanted to let you all know how much Ldsso has changed my life. I've met, found, and
fallen in love with that best friend that I've been looking for all this time. What a great thing
that this has been for me. Mischief and Pecos will be married April 29, 2000. Yea!

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