Success Stories: 2000
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We met on lds singles in October and are planning to be married on September 1, 2000 in the Chicago Temple. We both knew from the beginning that we were meant for each other and are very thankful that our prayers were answered. This service has been a blessing for us since we both live in areas where there are not a lot of members that are single and this is the only way that we would of met. We are both very happy and look forward to becoming one big happy family, with 4 children and 2 dogs. Thank you!!!

On July 21, 2000 Paul (PEC) and Eileen (Skinner) will be married in the Mt.
Timpanogos Temple. We met on LDS Singles, but Paul already knew Eileen's
Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers, just not her. Thank you for this wonderful
opportunity to meet each other. Paul is Prince Charming - I'm grateful to get the best in the world. We
wish you all the same joy.

Announcing our marriage. We met on this link 5 months ago and now we are
married. Married in the Bountiful Temple May 20 2000.

On August 18th, 2000 at 0620 hours in the Salt Lake City Utah Temple will transpire the wedding of Jacob (aka the following: sportsfan, fan, christinasman, warninvoice, gospelmanjacob, jake, marine manjake, or Jacob3) and Kimberly (F92810). If you would like any reception/openhouse information (open house in South Jordan/reception in Cedar City Utah) feel free to email us. Thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided to us since that wonderful day of October 16th, 1998 when I, Jacob, just stumbled on this site by chance. It has been great! --Jacob and Kimberly

Exhausted and weary from fighting off the rabid fan club members all vying for the title of winning the extraordinary hand of NAVYBLUE, she fled to the
"last resort" of online dating to escape the insanity. Desiring to become
the hunter instead of the hunted, she joyfully surfed through the
pre-screenable cyber sea of internet fish, writing RURED4ME that first night
at 1:30 in the morning was the best thing she ever did. He wrote back, and
the rest will soon be history. We're tying the eternal knot in the Salt Lake
City Temple on Friday, September 1, 2000. Thank you so much LDSSO, I hope
everyone everywhere has the opportunity to experience this kind of beautiful
happiness. And thanks to Jay Ostler who introduced me to this site where he
met his lovely wife.

I've found "Mr. Right" and we're marrying on June 24, 2000.
THANKS, this is a wonderful service. My only comment is that it's too bad that some people think distance is a deterrent to a relationship. My fiancée lives 665 miles from me and this is the only way we'd ever meet!
again, thanks

My new husband and I would like to thank your service for allowing us to find each other. We were married 7 months ago and could not be happier. We thank our Heavenly Father that we crossed paths by one small email.

The funniest part about the whole meeting on-line is that we actually went to the same ward building but did not know each other. He was in one family ward and I was in the other family ward. We had mutual friends and knew each other's bishops and neighbors! Yet we needed LDSSO to bring us together.

Thanks! We owe you so much!

On 26 August 2000, I and the former "Texie" are going to be married in the
Dallas, TX temple. I just want to say thank you to LDSSO for providing the
forum for meeting her. She is truly the girl of my dreams.

I just want to say to those of you still searching out there: It's possible.
I did it. Anyone can. You just have to be patient, rely on the Lord and
never give up. Good look.

A couple of friends mentioned this place to me. I'd have never imagined I could really find my bride to be on the internet. I gave it a try though in July '99 and in August '99, at a BBQ LDSSO party, I met a cute young lady who I had initially met in chat. As time went on, we talked in chat and then I started visiting her. It wasn't long after that, that it became obvious that we were meant to be married. We are so happy and I'm not sure how it could have happened without LDSSO's help.

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