Success Stories: 2000
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(Robertluis) and (mswings) would like to share our success story with all who may be still writing to us both. We haven't had time to take our profiles off yet. For all those who believe there is no hope, yes the internet is a possible key to finding your eternal companion. We corresponded by complete inspiration 4/15/00 (more or less). Mswings, was actively writing several guys when she recieved robertluis's email. There was a slight hesitation on her part to write to a man who had been widowed after 10yrs of an temple marriage and had 3 young children one being only 6mths old because she had never been married or had children.
She neverless responded to his inquiries because she felt prompted by the spirit. After 2 weeks of email correspondence, we decided it would be better to talk on the phone. We then began a worldwind phone romance for 2 1/2 weeks every day. Conversations tended to go untill 2 and 3am, but we really got to know each other. After a month of only verbal communication, we decided that we needed to meet.
Robertluis flew me out to meet him. He recognized me right off the bat. She felt she'd never had so much in common with a person. Robertluis then drove 5 hours to see her the next week. The feelings were not only the same, but had increased because both had gone to the Heavenly Father about the relationship. This relationship was different for both of us and both felt at peace with the relationship.
That same weekend, Robertluis asked Mswings 3 times to marry her. This was not because she didn't want to, but because he needed to really do it right! She finally said yes and then all were informed.
We were sealed in the LA Temple 8/5/00 at 11:00 am. We have been married for one month and things are going great.
Yes, with God all things are possible and LDS

Thank you LDSSO for giving Terry and I the opportunity to meet. We (TCECSC
and Angeltiger) were married on Aug 4th after a whirlwind, romantic
relationship started on LDSSO. We didn't believe in soulmates until we met.
We have everything in common. We enjoy the same things of life and have the
same goals for our future. We think enough alike that we say the same things
at the same time and can finish each others sentences. We will be sealed in
the San Diego temple after I get relocated to Calif. We have never been
happier and if it were not for LDSSO, we never would have met. We'd still be
wandering around looking for that special someone we promised we would find,
no matter how long it took. Thank you again for helping us find our eternal

We wanted to let you in on the exciting news - it seems impossible that
one person from southern Utah and another from California might find one
another and fall in love - thank heaven for LDSSO! Joe (Shabha) and
Nicole (Nicole70) officially became engaged this weekend and we are
tentatively planning a wedding in September in Canada. Joe is a fairly
new member ofthe church so we will be going through the temple in
another year to be sealed for time and all eternity. Thanks so much,
LDSSO for making this possible! I was a bit skeptical at first but now
we are both truly grateful for the service and are looking forward to
spending the rest of our lives and longer together.

Within a few days after I subscribed, I re-met an old sweetheart from 25 years ago
on your site. In fact, she had logged onto LDS Singles Online only a few days
before we met again. We had both gone our own ways and married and divorced a
couple of times before meeting again and realizing that we were right for each
other. I sometimes wonder if this was meant to give more meaning to the statement
"We have to know the bitter in order to know the sweet." At any rate, we were
married in Bountiful, Utah on 11 Aug 2000 and we and our blended family is very

Jon (JonW) and Misha (thesinglegirl) were married on July 6th! Who could have imagined that we would find our true loves on the net? We are so pleased with our good fortune and wish everyone the best of luck!

When I joined LDSSO in 1996 there were under 30,000 profiles. I have found many friends that I had lost contact with, and met lots of people. I was pretty close to deleting my profile when I decided that one can never have to many friends, so I expanded my circle out of state and that was all it took!
Please do not let distance stop you. When the Lord wants something to work, he will open all of the doors that are necessary. I am so grateful to LDS-Singles for being the vehicle for me to find the love of my life! We will begin the first day of the rest of our lives in September, 2000.

Hello, LDSSO and all the wonderful people there. This is IglooPam (Pam
Myles) and Skipper (Chester Hendrix). We just wanted to announce that on
June 17, 2000, we were married in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. We met only 3
months ago in the LDSSO chatroom and immediately were made friends. As the
time continued, that friendship turned to more and then we fell in love.
With the help of a couple of other chatters (MaryAn and BradM), we were
able to meet, get engaged, and get married. We are now together, very
happy, and living in California. In a very short time, we will be blessed
to be sealed in Heavenly Father's Holy House. Thank you LDSSO for helping
us find each other. And thank you all our dear friends, both old and new.
Have faith that Father will guide you in your quest and be patient in
waiting for his clock to tell you it's time.

Love ya all,

On June 2nd, I was sealed to my eternal companion for time and all
eternity in the Washington DC Temple. It was the day I have waiting for
all my life. Everything was absolutely perfect!!!!! I met him on your
service although he and I never chatted in the chatroom here. and became
engaged on July 10th of last year. I have met some wonderful people
from on here, some of which are eternal friends that I plan to stay in
close contact. I have been so blessed to have him in my life and would
like to thank everyone at LDSSO from the bottom of my heart.

Hello! Hey, we owe you the WORLD! We met online and we are now getting
tell EVERYONE about it.

Again, we thank you for your service!
Scott & Karina

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