Success Stories: 2000
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HeidiLyn and Cliffjumper met on LDSSO on Labor Day weekend. We each had just
joined LDSSO in August. After a few messages and phone calls we agreed to
meet and things just clicked instantly. We became engaged in October and
plan to be married in the Bountiful Temple on December 26, 2000. Thank you
LDSSO for making the happiness we feel in our new lives together possible.

Telee and Lhorne met on LDSSO in June, 2000. Wewrote for 2 months, then met. We married October 13, 2000. How grateful
we are for this site.

Thank you,

HELLO:) Maverik (Troy) and Alysa (Leah) met online November 1999, and we
KNEW that we were meant to be together... we Got married on Aug 5,2000 in
Salt Lake City... We are now expecting a baby girl :) which we are really
excited and we will be naming her Alysa... We are So glad that we met if it
wasn't for LDSSO we wouldn't be bless with the friends that we gained while
on this service...

Hi everyone!! Well LaurieRN and Wallonie are tying the not better known as Laurie and Michel.
We met on LDSSO and it wasn't long Michel was making trips to Michigan and we fell in love, putting it very simply we were meant to be together. Our wedding will be Dec. 8, 2000 at the Mt. Timpanogas temple in American Fork, we will then be cruising the Caribbean and seeing the Mayan ruins in Mexico and many other wonderful things, then starting a beautiful life together, just down the street from the temple we will be married in!! For all you hopefuls still looking, hang in their he may be just an email away! May the Lord Bless your lives with happiness and joy as he has ours.

Dear LDS Singles:
Camacina and I (SleeplessInSL) wanted to thank you for bringing us together.
We met in late July. I live in California and she lives in Utah. We are
hoping to be married in the temple in Oakland in March of 2001. Thanks again
for everything. It was worth the money.

Dear everyone,
JTFan and Swinggirl are happy to announce that, as of October 6, 2000, they
are engaged to be married. We met on this service back in May, and then
found out that we were in the same student ward here at the U of U. If it
wasn't for you we probably would have never met (we are both pretty shy and
reserved), or would have taken a longer time in getting to it! We are both
so in love and thank you so much for bringing us each to our eternal
companion. We are hoping to be married in June of 2001 in the Salt Lake
Temple. Who would have thought that we would find our perfect matches late
one night through cyberspace? Thank you again!

This is the story of Jessen62 and the Dreamer. The dreamer had not been on
this service more than 24 hours when I emailed her. We emailed back and
forth and decided to step up to phone calls, we were on the phones for an
average of 4 hours every evening. She lives in West palm beach Fl, and I in
Tampa Fl, about 3 hours away. She decided to surprise me at the Orlando
florida Temple when I had a trip with my ward, however I had also decided
that after the temple I would drive to West palm and I told her this, so she
told me the truth.
We met at the temple on 8/26/00, when I looked at her I knew she was the
one. On sept 6 I proposed to her and she accepted, the following weekend we
were officially in engaged. I met her little daughter and I fell in love
with her too,
I met her family and I fell in love with them too, we both have suffered and
gone through so much and we both feel our father in heaven gudiance with all
We will be sealed in Orlando on NOvember 26,2000 at 2pm and you are all
invited. Thank you LDS singles you have changed my life. I will be sealed to
her and to her daughter who is now my daughter. I never thought I would find
her, such a wonderful, caring loving, romantic, sexy, adorable,sensitive and
beautiful woman, she is the one I was searching for. THANK YOU....

Michael and I met on-line through LDSSO in September, 1999. I initally vetoed writing to him for a number of reasons and he decided not to respond
to my e-mail because of his past experiences, but we each couldn't follow
through on these initial feelings and we began to correspond through LDSSO.
He drove to my home in Caldwell, Idaho from his home in Heber City, Utah for
Thanksgiving to meet me and my family for the first time. He made the
fourteen-hour roundtrip again the next weekend, bringing one of my
missionaries with him, to attend my temple endowment session.

We continued to correspond via LDSSO and talked on the phone quite
frequently, sometimes daily. I flew to Utah and he flew to Idaho a couple
of times until March when he moved to Idaho. We were sealed in the Boise,
Idaho Temple on April 15, 2000.

Michael and I are both converts and we have been married and divorced
before. What makes this courtship and marriage so special has been the
knowledge that our Heavenly Father has brought us together and has given
each of us his assurance that this is the person he has chosen for us to
spend time and eternity loving.

Many thanks for your great service.

I found my eternal companion on this site. It all started with a stake
single adult news letter. This letter had 3 single internet sites. I
chose this one to join. As it turns out the first message I sent was to
the lady who became my wife. We traded messages for about 10 weeks
before we met face to face. What took place at the end of our first
date was the LONGEST hug known to mankind. It lasted for over 5 hours
but neither of us knew how long it was going on. For us time had
stopped. One month and one day later on our 3 rd. date I asked her to
be my wife and she said YES. We were married on August 25 th and have
been enjoying this new lease on life ever since. I will be deleting my
profile and closing my account after I send this message. This is a
final THANK YOU for putting this site together it has brought me more
happiness and new hope than I would have ever guessed possible. Thanks.

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