Success Stories: 2000
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Hello to all my old friends. This is MaryAn who was also known for about a
year as Angel. I would love to announce that on December 28, 2000, I was
sealed in the Seattle Temple to my best friend, whom I met in the LDSSO
chatroom. BradM joined LDSSO on a dare from a ward sister. On his second
day in the chat room, we started talking and found that we had so much in
common. Ten days later we met and realized that the chemistry was there, as
well as the friendship. I moved to Seattle from Oregon about 6 months
later, and, was able to bunk with my best chat-friend, Niffer. Three months
later, Brad and I were blessed to enter into Heavenly Father's Holy Temple
and be sealed for Time and All Eternity. Thank you LDSSO for giving us this
avenue to meet and get to know each other. As my farewell to chat, I wish
to tell all of you that it's possible to find your celestial companion on
line, if you trust your instincts, keep your standards in place, and have
patience. He or she is out there, if you just look and wait. Niffer, thank
you for being such a dear friend. Piperdriver......MONKEE!!!! You have
been a friend and a support. And to all the others.....May Heavenly Father
bless you and help you to find what your heart desires.

MaryAn (formerly Angel) and BradM

WhataGr8guy and Brookelynm are getting married December 16, 2000!

We were married yesterday, 12-4-2000 in SLC.
Thank you for introducing us!

You guys are awesome. I found Bobtexan just shortly after we both came on LDSSO in September. Though I messaged & received messages from some wonderful people, there was something different about Bob. Then he left LDSSO because of a heavy workload & though I understood & supported him in his choice, it was just not the same without him. ( I guess he felt the same way because he came back looking for me two weeks later. ) I felt something in General Conference tell me that, though I hadn't even spoken on the phone with him...I was "home". Two weeks later due to a series of "coincidences" we got on the phone & never looked back. I have just returned from spending 10 with his parents & family in Utah, he proposed in the Manti temple and we will be married just as soon as the paper work allows. It can't be soon enough for me.
I've finally found my best friend.
Thank you LDSSO, we would never have found each other without you.

This is an update to the story of jessen62(jesse) and the dreamer (mari). We have had the best week of our life?s, why you ask? because on November 24th 2000 we were sealed as husband and wife not only that but I was sealed to her daughter who is now my daughter. I owe this service a great deal Mari and I plan to sue this service for what they have done to me (hahahahaha)We are so so happy! thank you so much and we will stay in touch as the family grows. For those alone out there, never ever give up heavenly father works in many ways and when its your time it will be your time, just pray and be faithful. Thank you!

I joined LDSSO in October of 2000, not really expecting to meet with
success. One of my first messages was from UNITY2U (Corinne from Lakeville,
NY). We clicked right away and corresponded several times every day. We
exchanged phone numbers and eventually met in New York in mid-November. I
was a relationship that was divinely inspired. I proposed to her on
November 15, 2000 in the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York. We will seal
our love for all eternity in the Washington, D.C. Temple in November 2001
and will make our home in Maryland. Thank you for being part of the link to
connect us.

This is to let you know that we are very grateful for your site, myself,
MMouse33 and happydaisy, met on your site and we are going to be sealed in
the Bountiful Temple in March. We are thankful for this site because without
we would have never met each other we would not be engaged. Thank You LDSSO!

Please cancel my account and deactivate my profile. I married the woman of my dreams on Sept. 22, 2000 in Hawaii. I did meet her through your service. Thank you for being an instrument in the Lords hands. You provide a much needed service to all singles.

I just wanted to let you know that LDSSO was the means the man upstairs used to get me together with my soul mate. I really never even thought that I had a "one-and-only" (I also never thought I'd meet him on the internet),but now I know I was wrong. Maybe its not this way for everybody. I'm so grateful it was for me. Jason and I met in June and are getting married in
the Salt Lake Temple on Dec.19, 2000. I never knew I could be this happy.

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