September 30, 1999
Valerie (& Trent) Hunt

Thanks so much for your service. I have used LDSSingles off and on over
the 3 years I was dating. As a single parent working a full-time job -
with all women mind you - I knew it would be challenging to find
someone. Despite some frustrations with dating, I just had a feeling
that I'd meet my husband On-line - not that I was going around
announcing that to anyone.

Trent and I met in January, 1 month following his baptism. Our first
date was pretty amazing for both of us - we both had this feeling that
we'd known each other a lot longer than just a few days of e-mailing and
phone calling. He is a wonderful man. He had never been married
although he'd come close a couple of times and had no children. He had
made some needed changes in his life that prepared him to accept the
gospel - good thing since I was adamant about dating only temple worthy
men! I have never met anyone with such a big heart. He has accepted my
two children as his own and adores them. Many people ask him about
being an instant father. I think they expect a negative response. He
said - and I heard this when he shared it with the entire ward at our
last Fast & Testimony Meeting - that he loves being a dad - that it
along with being my husband - is the best thing that has ever happened
to him. Now - of course, I'm quite the catch myself ;D - but, still,
I'm often in awe that I finally found someone who can love so deeply and
truly - both me and my precious children. There are many of you who
could take a lesson from this.

We married on July 17, 1999. Spent 8 days in the West Indies at a
wonderful Sandals Resort in Antigua and now we're in the process of
building a beautiful home that we'll move into in February. We're most
looking forward to our sealing date in December - one year from the date
that Trent was baptized.

I've got a wonderful husband, a son, a daughter, a family dog (formerly
his) and a family cat (formerly mine). It's all so perfect - and it's
pretty wonderful being in awe of your own life.

It's definitely possible!

Best Wishes,

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