September 17, 1999
Kathy McVicker and Tracy Hansen....

I would like to take this time to once again, thank LDSSO and staff for allowing all of us singles to have this
avenue to meet persons which have, the same and similar goals. I have had the Unique chance to meet some
wonderful men and women, and Tracy has had the same chance. We both know that without this avenue we
would not of met. When we met it was so uncanney how similar are thoughts were, we could complete each
others thoughts we soon discovered...First I read his short profile and with a user name like "Needs a Hug"
it was very hard not to send him a message, so imagine my surprise when I was in chat right after that and I
noticed his name tjclip and about the same time he was sending me a Private Message to say hello and he had
gotten my e-mail, well we visited and got to know one another and met in chat alot, eventually the feelings
became so strong that we knew that it was time to talk over the phone, We both very quickly knew that we
had the special bond and decided that we needed to meet and make sure that this was not in our minds...
Tracy first came to Texas at the end of August.. I thought that I had literally died and gone to Heaven All,
HE is everything that my Heart has desired and dreamed of my entire life... Firstly his spirit and then his
tenderness, understanding, warmth and honesty and lastly but certainly not least important...The chemistry
that had been there was very much indeed real...Before the weekend was out Tracy and I knew that we
wanted to be married however there were several things to work out, first off Tracy has 6 children and he
lives in Arizona and I have one teenager and I live here in Texas..
We had already decided that I would travel to Mesa for the Labor Day Weekend and give the children and I
a chance to meet and see if we could all fit....It was beyond my dreams again, they were all so loving, and I
can not leave out that this was in part to their mother's openness with them that she was willing for them to
open up to me if they felt inclined to do so... We had a marvelous weekend and before I left on that Tuesday
we set a Wedding Date and Tracy and I are joining our families on the 7th of October in Mesa.... There will
be many trials that we will encounter along lifes way, however, we know that with prayer and living the
principals of the Gospel we will be able to endure together... I am at home with my best friend and soul
mate... I had always heard of people that said they found their soul mates and now I do know what they
mean, I am not complete without Tracy and know that he feels the same way...If there is one thing that I can
say to someone that is looking and unsure if this the a good way to find someone, let me just say this... You
must have faith, be reserved, rely on your instincts, be willing to communicate with someone openly....
Kindness is appreciated in people and not everyone that we meet or communicate with will be that Special
Person that we are in search of...However, that one kind word that you might say to another just might be
the difference in someone's day...and it did not cost you anything to be Kind in return.... I, of course can only
speak for myself but I will add that without some of the Gracious Men that I have had the Great Honor to
converse with I would not have grown in the Gospel to the Degree that I know that I have today... I hope
that both Tracy and I can continue to share with others out there and be an encouragement to Singles that
have gone through such trials and find within themselves such fear and doubt that you can't bring yourself
to believe that you will ever find that right person..... When you can you will......Trust and Believe..... in
Heavenly Father's Plan for ALL OF US...... REMEMBER: Love is a Gift that we can Give Ourselves....... This is
the Texas Princess and TJClip signing off and saying we thank you LDSSO for this service.... and God's
speed to all of you out there

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