September 01, 1999
Tony & Kristi

well, i am sure that i am speaking for my "soulmate" also. her name is kristi jolly. soon to be long on may 20 of next year
(2000). i found my eternal companion. it is kristi. i first wrote her back in june. we e-mailed a few times and then talked on the
phone a few more times. then she and i decide to meet in person in the middle of august. she is from texas and i am from
oregon but live in washington. the night before she went home. i took her to the seattle temple grounds and felt like it was time
to ask her to be my wife. she fasted/prayed for two weeks and then gave me an answer this past sunday, august 29, 1999 at 8
p.m. pacific time. she told me that she had an answer a week ago for me, but i did not want to pressure her. that is why i gave
her two weeks. i knew she was my eternal companion before she and i met in person. i fasted, prayed, and took it to the temple
even before she got out here and was told through the spirit that she was my companion. even after i asked her, i still wanted to
make sure. i fasted two more times, kept praying, and went to the temple one more time. i still had the same feelings and three
weeks later, i still feel the same way. she does too. good luck to the rest of you. thank you ldssingles. yes, all you skeptics.
this internet site does work. kristi and i are an example of that. so is all of the other ldssingles who have met from this site will
say the same. you can also click on the wedding part of this site for many more examples. thank you lord, kristi ("the love of my
life"), and ldssingles. the end!!!

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