October 07, 1999
Lendie Bliss(F58027) & Bill Lewis(M58548)

Maybe you're getting tired of reading these success stories, but when
it happens to you, it's so wonderful! Bill and I met online in May 1999
not really intending to get married in the near future. We were both
widowed and still raising children. I was looking for advice on how to
deal with my teenage son and the anger he had at losing his father.
Besides I was in the midst of marrying off another daughter and didn't
have time for much else. But this guy I was writing to seemed too good
to be true. I had my Bishop contact his Bishop and the report was, "He
sounds like the best thing to come along since sliced bread."
I moved my family to a new state to let our kids get used to the
inevitability of this union and to spend more time getting to know Bill.
There are definitely going to be challenges blending families, but we
know the Lord helped place us in each others paths so we could have a
companion throughout the remainder of our lives. We have a room reserved
at the Oakland Temple for Nov.13,1999 to be married for time.
Good luck to those of you willing to have faith that the Lord will help
you in finding the desires of your heart. We are grateful for the
technology of this era that has been the vehicle to make this happen for
us. And thanks to you guys for setting up LDSSO to enable this to happen
as well!

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