Success Stories: 1999
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We wanted to say thank you to LDSSO for providing the link to our eternal
life together. But most of all we want to thank our Father in Heaven. Who
would've thought that two people from different worlds (Vegas and Indiana)
could come together and be so happy and in love; only with the help of Lord
and LDSSO. Scooby and Tbear chatted, talked daily on the phone, and fell in
love through Ldsso. When we finally met we knew that our love was eternal.
Matthew (Scooby) proposed during a spontaneous visit to Las Vegas, our first
meeting. Such an incredible man and the true love of my life! Matthew is so
special to me and I am so thankful that the Lord has brought us together. He
is everything that I have ever wanted from an eternal companion. Matthew is
handsome, kind, sensitive, loving, sharing, funny, smart, and strong. Our
relationship and spirituality grows daily and we become closer to our Father
in Heaven. Wedding bells will be ringing on August 6.1999 as we are sealed
for time and eternity in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple. Our lives together
will begin as we return to our home in Indiana.
We have been blessed and our prayers have been answered by Heavenly Father.
You too can have this special feeling in your life if you just have faith in
the Lord and pray to our Father in Heaven that you will find happiness just
like we did! Thanks again Ldsso!

I met a wonderful man last October right here over the net...and we were
sealed in the Orlando Temple on January 22, 1999. I hope you have the
good luck we had!

M52421 and F92970 chatted, talked, met and fell in love. We will be getting married August 20, 1999. Thanks so much for providing the service that breached the gap from Utah to California.

Thank you so much for introducing us. Even though we were 1200 miles
apart, we were able to date on alternating weekends and develop our
relationship with budget air fares, e-mail and discount long-distance
services. It was a great adventure, and now we are getting married in
just over two weeks. We'll be sealed in the Chicago temple, thanks to
your wonderful service. It's so much easier to find fun, quality people
to date this way than by meeting them at dances or whatever. I'd
recommend this to anyone.
Thanks forever,

Just wanted to let you know that LDSSO truly does work. M3366 and I, F53061 will be married July 23 in the Salt Lake
Temple. After chatting and e-mailing each other, we decided to meet in person. We knew right away that we were meant for
each other!!!
Thanks for your wonderful service!!

Hang in there everyone, dreams really do come true!!

I just had to let you know that Dianne and I met ~~ and fell in love on
this site!!! We first wrote to each other last July and soon after were
writing to each other every day. We met in August and from that day
forward we knew there was a special connection between us. We continued
to see each other when we could (we lived 400 miles apart) and
communicated daily by e-mail and phone. In December I proposed and we
were married last week-end!!! Di is the most special person I have ever
met, and she brings so much happiness and love into my life. I get lost
in her beauty and laughter. Neither of us thought that we would find
our "soul mate" on the internet.....but thanks to you we are very happy
and very much in love!! Thanks so much for being there and making it
possible for us to find each other. Please delete me (M4251) from your
data base, Di (F7018) says I'm a "keeper"!! =0)

I just wanted you to know I met the man of my dreams here! I had pretty
much given up on the idea of finding a "soulmate." We were both complete
skeptics, but decided to give this a try. We didn't even intend on meeting
our eternal companions here, but thought we could at least meet new people
to talk to. Little did we know we would meet and fall deeply in love! and I
am happy to report that we are getting married in the Temple August 21 1999
in the San Diego Temple!

I just wanted to encourage others who may be thinking about giving this a
try. THANKS!!

Dear Ldsso
Please remove my profile and cancel my membership! I can't beleive it but I actually met "The One" online. She is intelligent, warm and caring
and she loves children and as if that weren't enough she is breathtakingly beautiful. We met through the profiles and couldn't be happier or
more exceited about our future. I know that our Heavenly Father blessed us to discover each other here online. Every day is brighter because
she is in my life, she is everything I ever dreamed of and so much more. We plan to spend some time growing together through the summer and
hopefully be Sealed within the year. I never would have believed that I could meet someone as special and perfect as she is through a service
like yours, but I was wrong. I can't believe it but I was wrong. Did I mention that I was wrong? She is so wonderful. ThankYou Ldsso.

Thank you so much for your service! I met the love of my life on here
and we plan to married in August! Cheryl I love you honey!! Thank you
again for your wonderful service.
There is just no way I could have ever met her with out your help.

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