Success Stories: 1999
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Hi! My name is Valerie Obermier and I met someone from the system named
Tim Bilodeau. He and I are no longer on the system because we are
getting married soon. Hopefully the Temple sealing will take place in
November of this year. It will take place in the Jordan River Temple.
Thanks so much for everything.

Have a great day.

Well I guess I dont need these services anymore since Ive finally met the
girl Ive been looking for!! We were Married on June26th and will be going on
our Honey Moon to Mexico on July26th!! We have 8 kids between us and have
been going out since April of Last year, I want to Thank you and my Heavenly
Father for helping me find the right one after 5 yrs. of searching and
praying!! So for everybody out there , dont give up hope, they are out

I just got engaged today to a wonderful, gentle and righteous man. We met on
LDSSO in March. It's July 18th and we plan to marry in September. My heart
is filled with gratitude to the Lord for this service and those who are
involved in creating it. I had burned out on the dating scene, for what do
you know about a person except for looks at a dance. This service let me
know about a person's background, interests and commitment to the gospel,
things that truly matter before meeting them. Chemistry is an important
element but useless if there is no intellectual and spiritual compatibility,
the chat feature is great. The Lord works in wonderful ways....

I just got married on July 14th. Thanks for your service!!

We did it. We both finally found what we were searching all our lives for.
They say that when you meet the right preson, you'll know right away. I
believe in that theory. Dixie and I could not be more in love. We will be
married in the near future and would like to thank LDSSO for the opportunity
that was provided for us both. I couldn't ever imagine being so happy and in
love prior to meeting her. Heavenly Father has certainly had his eye on the
both of us and found a way to bring us together. I wish all of you the best
and hope that you too can find the same happiness we have.

I would like to say goodbye to LDSSO and the wonderful chatroom that comes
with it. Over the last 7 months, I have made many great friends (including
Carol and Jeri) who mean so much to me. But, as the program is designed, I
am finding myself getting married. On July 10, 1999, I will be married to
the most wonderful man that Heavenly Father could have ever found for me.
Without this program, I would never have found my way back and been worthy
to be sealed in the Portland Temple, for time and all eternity. For those
sticking it out on LDSSO, all I would have to say is this: Stay true to
yourself, keep a smile on your face at all time and be patient as Heavenly
Father has a clock that doesn't always run at the same pace as yours. He
does have a Plan for you, if you just pray, live righteously, and keep the
faith. I love ya all.

Thank you for the continued support, but at this time I wish my profile
removed from your sight. The reason is all your fault. I thanx to you am
getting married soon. Thank you and have a great time helping others.

I think since it's been so long since I've been a member of the LDSSO
service, I didn't think to let you know of your success in my recent
marriage. I met my husband through your service in December, 1997. We
took our profiles off the service the middle of last year and continued to
date exclusively until we were recently married on 31 May, 1999. I had
just moved to Salt Lake City in December, 1997, and ended up meeting a man
only 12 miles from me! I know I would have never met him had it not been
for your service though. Neither of us go to the single adult activities
and I know our paths would have never otherwise crossed. Thank you for the
good work!

Bob, and everyone at LDSSO!

Thank you so very much for your service. Kamuela(M13229,Mnklymn) &
Jennie(F81508, hunny) are getting married this fall. We have both found
our dreams and together is where they have lead us...We will be getting
married in the Logan Temple this Fall! We feel so blessed by our Father
in Heaven to have found each other so easily..Thank you for making that
possible.....Jen has moved to Idaho and is going back to school..Kam is
living in Idaho also and they both now own a Independant Business
We thank you again for our blessing have been ans'd in finding each
Keep on your knees praying for your eternal mate and when the Lord finds
you worthy to receive him or her you will....AND USE LDSSO!!!!! IT
Love, Thanks and Deep appreciation,

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