Success Stories: 1999
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Well, this finally worked. August 21st I'll be getting married to the most
amazing woman in the world. It was nice meeting a lot of you in chat or
chatting back in forth...but Heavenly Father answered my prayers. LDSSO
does work, if you're patient. Take care and many blessings to you all. May
you find the happiness that I have.

We were married in the Vernal Utah Temple on May 22, 1999. We met on LDS
Singles Online in early February and went on our first date later that
month. We traveled through 11 countries in Eastern Europe on our honeymoon
since we both served missions in Russia. David is completing his residency
in orthopaedic (bone, joint, and trauma) surgery after graduating from
medical school last May. We just bought the cutest house.

We both agree that the money we spent on LDSSO was the best investment we've
ever made. We recommend it to everyone! This is a great way to meet
people. It beats the dimly-lit, loud church dances where you have to ask
people to repeat what they say three times because of the noise.

Here are our tips on using LDSSO successfully:

1. Develop many friendships at first. Don't take yourself too seriously.
In learning to have friendly and intelligent dialogue even with individuals
you may not be interested in, you develop skills that will help greatly when
Mr. or Mrs. Right comes along. We can learn something from everyone if we
are willing to try.
2. If someone writes to you, write back. Would you hang up on someone who
called you on the phone? Then how do you think people feel when their
emails go unacknowledged? Be courteous even if you are not interested, but
don't lead anyone on. Be clear and honest. Learn to say "no" tactfully.
If you don't bother to respond to anyone who you don't consider a potential
marriage partner, you probably don't have the maturity necessary to make a
successful marriage.
3. Don't take email correspondence too seriously until you actually meet the
4. For women: Include in your profile a clear description of what type of
man you want to write to you.
5. Fill out your essays thoughtfully and regularly fine-tune them. Few
things turn off people more than profiles with blank essay questions or with
shallow answers. Why should people look at your profile or write to you if
you don't care enough to fill out the essays thoughtfully? There are
thousands of other people out there who do. Give people a reason to write
to you. Show your best self.
6. Write to many people. Don't wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come to you.
Be proactive.
7. Above all, have fun!

Thank you LDSSO! I am so grateful. Chuck and I first spoke to each other
on his birthday May 15th. He says I'm his best B-day present ever.
After airflights, many phone calls, fastings and prayer we decided to
unite ourselves for all time and through out Eternity. We are sooo
grateful and our hearts are full as we together vow to each other to
become the couple God desires and has designed us to be...We have
choosen to reach for a celestial union, an uncommon love that trails
with glory as we kneel in reverence, respect and devotion to Father.
Our sealing will take place sometime in November at the Bountiful
We will have 9 children and are anxious to have more.
Prevailing with love,

HI! Member M98300 and F5719 are getting married on 9-9-99!! WE are so very
happy and want to thank you for this service! Good luck to all of you out
there still looking for your soul mate -- it WILL happen!!!

I met a wonderful man on ldsso and we plan to be married. Thank you so very much for this service, without which we would not have met. I'll be eternally grateful.

I am now engaged to be married to a man I met on
LDSSO, wedding date set for October 16 in Salt Lake Temple. Three cheers for

To all our friends at LDSSO...
It has been a long time in coming, but in November 1999, Jeremy and I will
be married in the Salt Lake Temple. After working together for several
months, we ran in to each other on LDSSO. We started chatting, and shortly
after decided to start dating. We realized that being together made our
lives complete, and are looking forward to getting married and building a
family together.
We both have had a great time meeting new people on LDSSO, and wish you all
the best of luck in finding your eternal mates.

Just wanted to write and tell you all of my engagement. We are planning our temple marriage in September at the Chicago temple. Through the aid of LDSSO I have finally found her! I found my Pearl of Great Price I am so thankful to you all and the great resource you provide to help those who, like me, had searched long and hard to find the greatest treasure one can gain, a sweet and eternal companion. Thanks so much and I will be recommending this service to all of my single friends.

We had to write and let you know how much we appreciate the service LDSSO
provides! We made contact with each other in April of this year and became
engaged on June 10th with our wedding date set for September 4th in the
Spokane Temple! Thank you for helping bring joy and happiness back into
our lives!

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