Success Stories: 1999
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I want to thank you for your service. I am proposing to Becky officially
on top of the world in Monument Valley with a engagement ring Saturday
September 11th 1999 and we plan on being married October 14th on her
birthday. She is avery beautiful person who makes life worth living. We
fit together and compliment each other in all we say and do. It's so
nice to be in love and share this love with someone special, Becky is my
special sweetheart, my friend, and eternal soul mate. I also want say to
all those guys looking for the pictures, you are missing out on finding
out who the person is. Becky is truly beautiful and a 10 on the babe
scale. Again we wanted to say thanks for the medium you provided for
us to begin our life together..eternally grateful.

Will be married Sept 15 after a very unorthodox courtship through LDSSO.
Larry, in Missouri, was looking for a strong 2nd generation Mormon. Donna,
in Utah, was looking for an eternal mate who lived close to her
grandchildren in Missouri. Each found the other on June 7, 1999. The path
from absolute critiques of cyber dating to converted believers is strewn
with over 100 pages of messages and is proof of how very successful LDSSO is
at match making. To all of you out there that are discouraged and hoping
for companionship, this has been one of the greatest experiences of my 58
years and I encourage you not to give up. Be 100% honest in your profile, in
your messages, and in your purpose. It's worth it and the power of love is
eternal. And, LDSSO, it's impossible to thank you appropriately but you will
be relieved to learn I have removed our 500 messages from your system. Now
you can remove M71930 and F26678.

My name is Mike. My member number is M58915. I just wanted to thank you all so very much for your service. When I first joined your
service, I was skeptical. This was something entirely new for me. I have met some fantastic women and make many new friends since
joining last year. But this last Saturday I became engaged to the most wonderful woman I could ever imagine ( Eliane, Member # F46742). If
it hadn't been for your service, we probably would never have met, being in totally different professions. But now, we are looking forward to
sealing our love together in the San Diego Temple early this upcoming year. I would like to ask you to remove my name from your service
and please stop charging my account for further services. Once again, thank you very much. I hope those who are still online looking find
that special someone who can make their dreams come true, as I have.

We felt that our eternal companions must have been killed during the
"War in Heaven". Thank you for your service, which has proven
otherwise. LDSSO helped me realize that not only is preparation required
to receive blessings but also that we allow ourselves to be blessed by
the Lord. Please remove me from your database. We are planning a
Thanksgivingish temple marriage.

Thank you for the opportunities that your web site has givin me to meet some great LDS members. I have met the girl of my
dreams on this service. I cant express my gratitude enough. Thank you very much!

Franz and I have been married for the last two months. We initially met
on LDS Singles Online in January, 1999. We were sealed on June 30th in
the SLC Temple.
We are very happy and forever grateful for the LDSSO service provided.
Meeting online gave us an opportunity to meet mentally and spiritually
before we physically met each other on March 19th. An old-fashioned way
of meeting, wouldn't you say!

David (Shadman) and I (DivaLinda/Shadsgirl) met through LDSSO when I
had only been online for about 9 weeks. David had been with LDSSO for
about 18 months and had made lots of new friends. We were fortunate to
have the opportunity to meet very quickly after we started talking on
the phone and through PM's when a party was thrown in Utah in April
1999 for the group from the Fourtysomething Room. We were attracted to
each other and continued to talk both online and on the phone. (Our
record call was 7 and 1/2 hours long) We were meant for each other and
married on May 8, 1999 in Port Townsend, WA for Time Only until we can
be sealed for Time and All Eternity. Thanks LDSSO for giving us such a
great place to meet.

well, i am sure that i am speaking for my "soulmate" also. her name is kristi jolly. soon to be long on may 20 of next year
(2000). i found my eternal companion. it is kristi. i first wrote her back in june. we e-mailed a few times and then talked on the
phone a few more times. then she and i decide to meet in person in the middle of august. she is from texas and i am from
oregon but live in washington. the night before she went home. i took her to the seattle temple grounds and felt like it was time
to ask her to be my wife. she fasted/prayed for two weeks and then gave me an answer this past sunday, august 29, 1999 at 8
p.m. pacific time. she told me that she had an answer a week ago for me, but i did not want to pressure her. that is why i gave
her two weeks. i knew she was my eternal companion before she and i met in person. i fasted, prayed, and took it to the temple
even before she got out here and was told through the spirit that she was my companion. even after i asked her, i still wanted to
make sure. i fasted two more times, kept praying, and went to the temple one more time. i still had the same feelings and three
weeks later, i still feel the same way. she does too. good luck to the rest of you. thank you ldssingles. yes, all you skeptics.
this internet site does work. kristi and i are an example of that. so is all of the other ldssingles who have met from this site will
say the same. you can also click on the wedding part of this site for many more examples. thank you lord, kristi ("the love of my
life"), and ldssingles. the end!!!

I would like to happily announce that your services will no longer be needed
by me. When I first signed onto this service, I thought that it was going
to be a total joke. But, I found that I was wrong on that idea. I have met
the most incredible lady thanks to this service. We are going to get married
soon in the Las Vegas temple. For those that are sceptical about this
service, don't be!! It works, but you've got to let it do so. I again wish
to thank LDSSO for this wonder service they provide, as it has made it
possible for me to find the love of my life.

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