Success Stories: 1999
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LDSSO worked for us! =) This princess has found her prince, and we're
getting married on December 30, 1999 in the new Columbus, Ohio Temple.
For all you singles out there, remember that God's ways aren't our
ways. His blessings come when we least expect them; often in the most
amazing ways. Don't lose faith. We wish you all the happiness this
world has to offer; the happiness we have found in each other. God
bless you!

Thanks it has been fun, I have been coorsponding to a young lady for the
pass year and we are planning a Temple Marriage in the new year.

Please take me off of your list for notification of new members and remove me from your service.
As it turns out, the very first person who wrote to me turned out to be the most amazingly wonderful person. After several months of dating we decided to be exclusive, and now now we are going to spend eternity together.

Thank you so much for introducing us.

Dear LDSSO staff & crew,
I, Korey Allyn Clanton (olchef), would like to withdraw my name and
profile as I have my eternal companion. Her name is Martha Ellen
Patterson (PeeperPatt). I want to let the other members of LDSSO now
just to continue to be Honest, Straight-forward, and go before Heavenly
Father with your concerns (He truly wants to hear from you).
Thank you, so very much, as we are planning to be married the 4th of
December '99 in the Oakland Temple. Everyone please don't give up hope,
your eternal companion will find you eventually!

I just wanted to say Thank You for providing us with such an invaluable
service. I first met Korey (OlChef from Nevada) here at LDSSO in July. We
sent a few messages back and forth before exchanging phone numbers. We
started off as friends, but the more we spoke to each other the closer we
felt. We seemed to be spiritual, intellectual, and emotional equals. Korey
arranged to come to California and meet with me face to face. Each of us
went to the Temple on our own to ask the Lord if we were meant to be Eternal
Companions. The overwhelming feeling of peace and joy that entered my heart
was incontrovertible proof to me that he was the one I was to marry.
Imagine my surprise when he proposed to me after church the day he arrived.
To say that my heart was filled with joy would be an understatement. He is
the man I have always asked Heavenly Father to help me meet. We will be
sealed as Eternal Companions in the Oakland Temple on December 4th. LDSSO is
truly a blessing provided by the Lord. I cannot express the happiness that I
have received. Thank you again.

Thanks to Bob and the wonderful staff of Ldsso. On May 17th I had the most
wonderful pleasure of being able to chat with Mlnklymn (Kamuela) in the chat
room. We talked for a couple of hours that night and then the next, and it
led to everynight for a week, then he called and that led to everynight for a
month and a half (I had the feeling I had found my eternal mate) he kept
telling me he had but I was not about to believe it would happen so easily.
Well, On June 26th we got engaged! And we are getting Married Nov 6th. IM so
thankful to the Lord most of all for answering my prayers and blessing me
with the most wonderful kind sweet and gentle man......and WOW he is a
Hottie! LOL He is everything I have prayed and asked for, even the lil things
you want but aren't so important, like he is Hawaiian, I have always liked
the Hawaiians, and he is tall and strong......What a blessing I have received.
Keep your thoughts and actions in the right direction and you will all be
blessed when the time comes.............THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! With
the Lords hand, its much easier!!!!! Love you all, Keep your search true and strong!

Maybe you're getting tired of reading these success stories, but when
it happens to you, it's so wonderful! Bill and I met online in May 1999
not really intending to get married in the near future. We were both
widowed and still raising children. I was looking for advice on how to
deal with my teenage son and the anger he had at losing his father.
Besides I was in the midst of marrying off another daughter and didn't
have time for much else. But this guy I was writing to seemed too good
to be true. I had my Bishop contact his Bishop and the report was, "He
sounds like the best thing to come along since sliced bread."
I moved my family to a new state to let our kids get used to the
inevitability of this union and to spend more time getting to know Bill.
There are definitely going to be challenges blending families, but we
know the Lord helped place us in each others paths so we could have a
companion throughout the remainder of our lives. We have a room reserved
at the Oakland Temple for Nov.13,1999 to be married for time.
Good luck to those of you willing to have faith that the Lord will help
you in finding the desires of your heart. We are grateful for the
technology of this era that has been the vehicle to make this happen for
us. And thanks to you guys for setting up LDSSO to enable this to happen
as well!

Hi Everybody,
Just wanted you to know that LDS Online REALLY WORKS !!!!!!!!!!
After being on line for less that a month, F55760, Kay Flink and Stephen Dunham M73767 met on line May 3rd, corresponded
back and forth for 2 months before meeting personally on our second month anniversary. We had our second date a month later
in Hawaii spending a week at BYU singles conference.........needless to say this has provided a wonderful forum for getting
aquainted as we contacted each other daily over a 5 month period of time
Our 5th month anniversary was spent in the St. George Temple this past weekend, at which time we became engaged in the
Celestial room, and now are planning a Nov 20th wedding in the Bountiful Temple in Utah. We have felt the Lord's hand from the
beginning of the relationship. He truly does know us and wants us to find eternal happiness. For this we feel truly blessed.

Through your fine services I met Eva F52255 (Eva Poe) on the LDS
Services. We corresponded for a few days, I called her in Florida and
decided then and there I needed to go see her. She was in agreement so I
drove to Pensacola, Florida on Friday, September 24. We had arranged to
meet at a place convenient to both of us so she could direct me to her
house. The minute she pulled into the parking lot of the BP Station where I
was waiting I knew she was for me. She had the same feeling. We drove
back to Georgia the next day to meet my family and attended my small
branch. We went back to Florida on Tuesday and acquired a marriage
license and were married there on Friday, October 1. (One 70 year old male
and one 66 year old female have tied up for life.)

Now it is time for us to say good bye to you and thank you for the
excellent service. Please eliminate our profiles. Thanks again.

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