Success Stories: 1999
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Stev and I (AprilJ) first met in April on chat. I lived in Logan, UT and he lived near Salt Lake City, UT. After four months of dating I
found a job in Salt Lake and moved from Logan. Many prayers have been answered
and we are now engaged to be married on March 2, 2000 in the Bountiful, UT
temple. Thanks for this great service!

Thanks so much for your service! I have met the "perfect" man for me. Please remove my profile. SJ and I have set our wedding date for Jan 14th 2000.

Thanks again!!! I owe my happiness partly to you!!!

I wish to thank all at LDSSO for their great service, this is one of the best
tools if used properly, it has led me to my eternal companion, and that is
what I wish for all the singles in this great church. Sometimes we get off
track by setting too many restricions on who we will investigate, and that is
a mistake we can not afford to make, for the Lord gives us chances numbered
without end, and it is us that fail to see those chances. I sent out many
letters that were not answered, and now I am grateful, for it has led me to
that very special person, and we are to be united in the New and Everlating
Covenant of Marriage on the fifteenth of February, 2000. We would never have
met if it were not for the LDSSO, I will be forever thankful for this great
service that you provide, thank you again, and good bye....twayner.

Perhaps there was no bigger skeptic in using your service than me, a
seasoned journalist. I tried your service in late May and June, for a 30
day timeframe and met some interesting people but none that I wanted to
pursue for marriage. At the end of the subscription I felt prompted to
give it one more month. For an additional $8, I signed on again.
With three days to go on the subscription I determined that it really
was time to marry my career and win that Pulitzer. That's when I met the
most incredible woman and we have been writing, talking and visiting
ever since.
Stange thing about the entire relationship is that we grew up 15 miles
apart and it took some 28 years and the Internet to meet and get to know
each other. We now live about 2,000 miles apart but that will come to an
end sometime next year. I gave this wonderful woman a diamond last week
in the Dallas Temple.
For anyone, like me, who thinks the Internet is a crazy way to meet
someone, take a good hard look at the way you're living your life now.
I'm one skeptic that has been converted and believes the Lord will use
any means possible to further His work, which includes the new and
everlasting covenant of marriage.
Thanks for your service.

I appreciate your assistance in helping me find the most wonderful of all ladies. We exchanged letters through ldsso beginning March 15, 1999, talked for hours on the phone for the next month and finally met in May in Atlanta. Both of us had just about decided to give up on the "ldsso thing".....then we found each other, and I'm so grateful. We were married in the Atlanta temple on August 7th and we're both so thankful for LDSSO! So lots o' luck to everyone, and don't ever give up.

This will be my last time logging on to LDSSO. I have found a wonderful
man, or rather he found me! We will be getting married in the Jordan
River Temple on November 20th. Thanks to all I have met here: Chat
friends, new friends, and wonderful men. You have made my life so much
richer! I wish you all luck in your search. NEVER give up! It could
be that the next profile you look at is THE ONE!!! God Bless.

LDS Singles Online really works!! Of course, Heavenly Father works in his
own way. Tom and I met online in early September; he proposed on November
4th, in the Temple. We are so happy!!!

Sarah Rattee(SaraSmile) and Michael Thompson (Archangel) wish to
announce our engagement. We will be sealed for time and all eternity on
December 18. 1999 at the San Diego Temple. We will miss all the
wonderful friends here in LDSSO and would like to thank all of you for
the special moments we all have shared together.
A special thanks to Ruth(Delilha) for shooting cupids arrow into our

May Heavenly Father bless each and everyone of you with the happiness
that we have received. Never give up and always pray for our father to
prepare you for an eternal mate and to prepare someone for you.

God bless
Eternally yours

Wordweaver and Hawgman (Norman) are proud to announce the upcoming sealing for time and all eternity. The sealing will take
place in the Washington DC Temple sometime in January 2000. We want to start the new century in the covenant of marriage.
We both owe LDSSO {and more importantly our Heavenly Father} so much. She lives in the Boston area and he lives nearly 2000
miles away in Arkansas. After a couple of e-mail messages, we started talking on the phone. Did we ever talk!!! Our first
conversation lasted for over two (2) hours. Our next conversation lasted well over four (4) hours. As we talked, we both noticed
that we felt as we had known each other forever and before in the spirit world. We are both looking forward to being together for
time and eternity. We both are very blessed that ALL our sorrows and heartaches of our past have been atoned for by our love for
each other and the love we both have for our Father in Heaven. We encourage our fellow brothers and sisters to never be in
despair or to give up hope. Normans stake president spoke at a SA Fireside about prayer, personal revelation and the blessing of
miracle. If ye have faith ye can receive miracles.

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