Success Stories: 1999
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Dear members, Oh, happy day....Member James, M91330 and I Judie, F44940,
will be married in the Ogden Temple, Sat. June 26, 1:00 P.M. by my mother's
cousin Pres. Kenneth Alford...Then off to Europe for Honeymoon. We both had
only been online for about a month, when we found each other...This really
works, we wish you all good luck..And to you good sisters, I hope you find
someone as special, as I have found, he is the dearest, sweetest man, and
he loves me and treats me like a queen and most of all he honors his
Priesthood....To you brothers, forget the past and concentrate of finding
the "one" and woo her with roses and love letters....Here's to LDSSO!

WE would like to let everyone on ldsso know that everything is possible
even at great distances and through much government red tape. Jeff
(m1626) and Debra (f7087) will be joining our hands to become one on
July 23 in the Salt Lake Temple. WE started talking online last July
after almost missing one another, but through some inspiration we
finally did connect, and talked for many month's even before meeting. We
finally meet in January of this year and have had many meeting's since
then. I proposed to her on the beach in California on April 16. It was
three months to the day after we first met. WE wish you all good luck
and keep trying as we all have a mate out there somwhere.

Just wanted to say, "Thanks for bringing us together!" We met through
your service, e-mailed, found we had a lot in common and then connected
in person. Lots of chemistry!!! We are getting married in the Oakland
temple the end of June. Couldn't be happier. All the Best! It's worth

I was married on May 29, 1999 to Chad Smith (M8597). We met on LDSSO and I am so happy...Please delete my info...I won't be needing it

This is my last day on LDSSO so I gotta tell you before I go!
Wendy and Vic were introduced by a friend on ldsso chat. We fell madly, eternally, helplessly in love. We will marry and live happily ever
Thank you, and thanks to...(you know who you are)

A Perfect Match! Robert Kirk and Kym Holman met on the on-line Feb. 10, met in person on Feb. 20 and Married on May 20th!

After many months, and many frequent flyer miles, New Zealand and Arizona
have finally joined . On January 26th, 1999...Loren, M1398 (wigglelite)
asked Anne F2496 (Kat) to be his Wife. They will be sealing there love for
all time and eternity in the New Zealand Temple, on September 27, 1999.
Thanks to LDSSO for giving us the chance to meet. It can be
done.....even over half a world away.


My husband and I met first online and got to know each other well through
email and chat. This medium is truly a wonderful way to get to know someone.
You can ask the hard questions. You can type onto a screen things you might
not be able to say in the car driving home after a movie. I know more about
Jim than anyone I have ever dated in my life. I think that is because we
began with such candor and spent so many hours online really communicating
instead of gazing silently into each other's eyes over dinner. I don't mean
to sound so pragmatic...but we are talking about choosing an eternal
companion, here. Jim and I have incredible chemistry...but I think that is
due, in part, to all the sharing we did online before meeting in person.

Thanks LDSSO. I have always dated a lot, but at 38 years old, I felt I was
running out of options. And your online service opened up a whole new world
to me. I went out with more than 40 different men, from all over the country.
I dated so many wonderful, intelligent, interesting people. There really are
some winners on your service. I wish I could thank them all for the lessons
we learned together. So, after a life time of searching, and two short years
online with LDSSO, I have found my soulmate. He is everything I ever wanted
and more. Jim is as sweet as he is brilliant and ambitious. As tenderhearted
as he is confident and successful. Jim and I both have strong testimonies and
commitment to the gospel and living by the spirit. I feel so blessed. Oh, and
he is handsome too ;-)

Your service works!!! Jim and I were sealed in the temple on May 10th for time and
eternity. My best to you.

Just have a minute, thought I'd write a little about the last few days...Cyndi and I met over your servisce about 8 mos ago. At first we didn't really like each other because we both thought the other was "interviewing for a job"... But then we spent time together and became friends. Then after awhile i realized my best friend is a pretty hot babe. Then she started putting pressure on me to go exclusive, which I didn't really want to do, because I've never done that before in 39 years except just before getting married... But I eventually gave her my $3000 chrono watch as a loan, then as a "no strings" gift, then later as an "engagement watch"....before I knew it, i'd proposed marriage in front of her whole ward at fast and testimony meeting....
When we told her folks at dinner, her dad called my "bluff" by asking about a date, so i whipped out the trusty startac and called the daycare lady to ask the last day of school. I suggested the following day, which is Cyndi's birthday. So we set June 19 as the day. then we got impatient and decided to move it up to may 28......... then we decided to do it day after tomorrow, Friday, May 22, 1999......... So that's the day we'll be married for time and eternity in the LA temple. So tell everyone that the best catches may not be at the dances!!!

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