Success Stories: 1999
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I met April on your site about six months ago today. She lives in Cali and I
live in Nebraska at the moment. We have gotten to know eachother better than
any couple living in the same area ever could. I think it was a definate
blessing that she and I are living so far apart for the simple fact that we
are HIGHLY physically attracted to eachother. She is the most beautiful
thing on this earth and it feels so good to think that I have found my
eternal companion. She is the most important thing that has ever happened to
me and I dont know what I would do if I lost her. My love for her exceeds
that of any human possibility.(and we've just begun) No more lonely nights,
and we owe it all to the Lord for being hip to technology and knowing just
how to catch the eye of two individuals trying their best to live a
"Christlike" life. Thanx a million LDSSO.

My wife, gay, and I "met" on your wonderful site in August 1998. In
October 1998 Gay travelled from mesa to England to see if my profile was
honest. I travelled from Huddersfield, Yorkshire to mesa in December 1998
and we were married on 23 December in the Mesa Temple.

It took us about four days to realise that our future lay together. A
miracle? Yes! And a tremendous blessing.

Thank you for your help. (our first anniversary is in two days - a wonderful year!)

Bob Tanner (M12306) and Bonnie Corbett (HITHERE) are getting married on December 30, 1999, in SLC. We have not renewed our subscription because of these plans. Thanks for your service in helping us to find each other.

I am happy to announce the engagement of Freska and Mr411. It took me a year
and a half to find my man on here and it has happened. We met on Oct 29th and
haven't been apart since. It was instant for both of us. Our wedding is
planned for March 4th 2000. I can't thank you all enough for providing such a
great service to us single adults. I have made several life long friends from
on here and I will recommend it to everyone. So.......Please cancel my
account! Happy New Year Everyone!!

We were married on November 13th at the Washington Temple. I have never
known such joy and wonder. Heavenly Father has blessed us with such a
wonderful and joyful partnership. We both feel as though we have known
each other for all of eternity, we are grateful that LDSSO has allowed
us to find one another. We hope each of you find what the Lord has
blessed us with.

We, Rocky4(Travis) and Rocky4sgirl aka Coyote(Linda) would both like to
thank LDSSO for helping us find each other on this vast earth. We
started talking in the chatroom in February, 1999, e-mailed and called
each other on the phone like crazy until our first meeting on July 8,
1999 in Indiana. After only 4 days of dating, he purposed down on his
knee in my back yard in Indiana, like a true romantic gentleman, and I
accepted. We were later married in Nevada on October 21,1999. He is a
wonderful husband and has the greatest qualities of warmth, love,a big
caring heart,gentleness,and makes me feel like a queen. She's a
wonderfully beautiful wife who has all the qualities that I described in
my profile regarding my eternal mate. We are happily looking forward to
being sealed in the Chicago Temple in October of 2000. Good Luck and God
Bless to everyone else!! ;-) Thanks again LDSSO for the wonderful
service!! :-)

Thomas and Valerie (Estes) Shields were married on 23 November 1999. Good Luck to you all, we are very happy
together. We have found our soul mate in each other. Please discontinue our name in the LDS single program.

Just wanted to let you know that two former members got married... we
met on line in February at LDSSO, met in person as friends in April, and
wow! sparks flew! We've been married four months and although we are
embarrassed to admit we met on line, we are so happy together we don't
care what anyone thinks! So thanks for the introduction, we never
thought it would happen to us.


We're getting married! Just as I was about ready to give up, I
subscribed another month and found the man of my dreams!!! We are so in
love and perfect for each other and I have LDSSO to thank. Funny that it
took this service to find that wonderful man that lives in my same town
and works for the same company. Can you believe it??? We are getting
married on January 14th. Good luck to all of you in your search for
your eternal companion. They are out there. Thanks again LDSSO for
helping me locate my best friend so that we may begin our wonderful new
life together as one.

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