Success Stories: 1998
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Thanks for the service you provide. Members M3780 and F1623 got together and have been sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. You may add that to your success stories. Please remove our profiles from your program.

Thanks to your service I found THE woman. smart, pretty, hard working, crazy about me, faithful, woman I've been praying for so long. anyway...take my profile away I don't need it any more. Thanks.

LDSSO.COM thank you so much for being here because without you I doubt that I would have met my eternal companion. After several months of membership and gaining several good friends I received an introductory note from a wonderful lady who was just "checking out the site" after her friend - a site member - prompted her to run a search through her account to see if she would be interested in joining. Of all the profiles that met her search parameters I was the only one she contacted. 28 days later we were engaged and we now have a date at the Toronto Temple on 1 Aug 98. LDSSO has enabled me to receive blessings that have literally changed every aspect of my life. I look forward to my eternities with Paula and my new son William. I pray that all of you receive similar blessings as Paula, William and I have and are continuing to receive. This site does work enabling us to meet many who we otherwise would unknowingly pass by. Again thanks and best prayers for all.

Please remove my profile M67 from your list. I am currently engaged to be married to a wonderful woman that I found using this service. Her profile is f2597. Thank you again for your service. I hope that others will be as happy as I am using your service.

I want to thank you for your sevices! I found many good friends on the LDSSO. I enjoyed corrisponding with them. I found one in particular that I wrote for 3 weeks before meeting in person. I feel this time writing gave me an insight that would have taken months to discover. We have become the best of friends and are now engaged to be married on Sept. 5, 1998. I have recommended your services to my friends and hope they are as successful as I have been. We both feel that our prayers have been answered! The Lord does work in mysterous ways! Thank you again! It was the BEST $6 I ever spent!

Please cancel my subscription effective immediately. I believe that I have found the woman I have always searched for - thanks to you. I have recommended your site to many people. It's been fun! Wish us luck!

Please take M9537 and F6653 off of your wonderful service....we have FINALLY found each other, and are no longer in need of it! Two more soulmates brought together...Thank You!

Well, when I first joined this service last October it was just to join a chat room that had people with the same standards that I had. Little did I know that I'd find my "knight_in_shining" armor. He swept me off my feet and we'll be sealed for time and all eternity in the Manti temple in August. The more we talk, the more we realize that this is what the Lord had in store for us. Thanks to LDSSO for providing the tool through which we could meet. Please remove my profile, F737, and retire my name "LDScutie" from chat! Despite the laughs I get when I mention that we met on the internet, people are asking your address. Keep up the good work!

We have enjoyed using your service. We would have never believed that it would have worked but we found each other. We are a " Match made in Heaven". Marell (M7447) and Nichole (F339) have been engaged to be married in the Dallas Texas temple in October 1998. Thank You.

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