Success Stories: 1998
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Hello Friends. Keep this in mind....Just when you think it's not going to does. I have met a very wonderful woman here in our little cyber community and we were married November 17. I give a lot
of credit to this site for helping us to meet. There are some great people here and I have made some great friends during my 15 months as a single person.
I love my soon to be wife and I am looking forward to my new life with her and our 8 children!

It is my pleasure to ask for my subscription to be canceled to LDSSO as Jen
(F3283) and myself Scott - Echo(M2930) have become engaged to be married on
January 23rd 1999. I would like to thank LDSSO for bringing us together as
although we have had several opportunities to meet in the past, i feel that
we never truly would have if not for your service. again i would like to
express my appreciation for your existence and the help that it has given
me... (ok now i throw off the seriousness, and give you all a group hug
(((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))) :o)

Hello! I would like to let you know that you can cancel my
subscription Dec 1, 1998. I am F2466 (Mandy). Member M3410 and I will
be getting married soon, so I would just like to make sure that my
subscription gets cancelled! Thanks!

Thanks for removing my name. My Wife tells me I should have written a success story because I met her through this board. Her profile is f3846 Screen name Lady Lee.
I enjoyed being on the board. I met a lot of interesting people.

David DeFord and Shirley Kershaw, former LDSSO subscribers, are pleased
to announce that one year after meeting on LDSSO, they tied the knot on
July 18, 1998 and are now living happily ever after.

We wanted to thank you. Scott and I met in April online and are now
married and raising our 6 beautiful children together. I had to move
400 miles away from my home town, but I wouldn't change it for the

Please remove m2782 and f1650 from your database. We were married on October
30th 1998. We'll forever be thankfull.

Hi, I just want to tell you how great your system is...and the quality of person it allowed me to meet! I'm not renewing my InterNET membership as I believe my second blessing has been answered in Denver... and I want to invest all my energy and time in "Maryanne". I leave each of you who I have met (and those who may
follow) with the knowledge that happiness can be found. Keep the faith, your chin up, be patient, honest in your profile and writing, and when it's time, God will provide the right e-mail address.

I enrolled in LDS Singles Online in March of this year. I met F4026, Claire on line that very week. We started communicating and 2 1/2 months later we met in person. We are now engaged to be married in the Las Vegas Temple in November. I was hoping for friendship but found much more. Thank you.
Claire says thanks too. Keith, aka Warden. P.S. please remove both our profiles

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