Success Stories: 1998
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Please remove profiles m2984 and f7743 from your data banks. Carla
aka ISRN and I, Collin, were married on December 20, 1998. We met in
the chat room and became great friends first. We were able to talk as
friends at great length, and when we finally met face-to-face, we knew
that this friendship would be an eternal one. (;

We are both so grateful that we came together through this service.
We can now say that we truly are married to our best friends. We will
be getting sealed in the temple as soon as possible.

Thank you to LDSSO, Ma Bell and Delta Airlines for making this all
possible. hehe

Hi! Please delete my membership from this service. It has been very
successful to me. I married one of your members on the 19th of December
and I am happier than I could have ever hoped to be. Thanks for being a
part of one of God's gifts to mankind and for being the medium through
which an Eternal relationship was re-united. Take care........

After almost 2 yrs on your wonderful site, I've finally met the man to
spend eternity with... Michael and I are getting married on New Years
Day. We met on Chat, Justme and Swan, and with the help of a few
others, finally met and instantly we knew it was right!!

I just want to thank you for all your support and fun that I've had
while being a member of ldsso... I've watched it grow throughout the
years and watched many find their eternal loves, and I am grateful to
you for helping me find mine.

With much love and respect,

Please remove account F43867. I am getting married! Thanks to your service i
have found my eternal companion. Thanks so much for providing this service!

I would like to request that my name, profile and photo be removed from
your list.... I am eternally grateful to you. Finally, an RM named Jake,
and I, are planning on getting married in the Holy Temple of the Lord....

Thank you.... and more more to you....

Hello, My chat name is TheRock,,,profile #M973
I am getting married in March in the San Diego Temple.
I thank you for the service you provided. Without it My eternal companion and I
would've never found each other. Thank You and God Bless

I would like to thank you for your service. There would have been no
other way that Jim (M9237) and I (F6947) would have met without this
site. We are to be married December 19th 1998 in San Clemente CA.
Finding your one true soulmate is a journey and I'm certainly blessed to
have completed mine when Jim found my Site.

All the best to LDSSO in the coming year and to all those members using
it. It really can work.

My name is Jeni...account #f2677. I'm very happy to say that I will be getting
married on January 16, 1999, and will no longer need a membership at ldsso.
I'm also very happy to tell you that YES! I did meet my fiance right here on
ldsso! So I guess we're another success story! Thank you so much for providing
a way for me to meet my eternal companion!

We are writing to ask that our profiles be removed; M702 and F1879. We
were married on November 21, 1998. Thank you for your service. We
don't know how else we could have met. Hawaii and Nevada are worlds
apart, but made so much closer with your help and the Lord's hand.

Thank you so much,

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