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Unique Features of COMPASS®


Scientific Validation, Revealed Matching, and the Search-Match Advantage
The COMPASS® (Comprehensive Marriage Preparation Assessement Survey) Matching System was designed to give you guidance in your efforts to both become and find the kind of person who is best prepared to have a loving and lasting marriage. COMPASS® was designed with several unique features that enable members of to use it as both a searching and matching tool.

Scientific Validation: Real Science, Real Confidence
The COMPASS® survey was developed according to the standards of assessment established by the American Psychological Association (2001). The survey content and matching technology were designed by an academically-published, university professor with over ten years previous experience in developing couple assessment surveys and reports. The survey content is soundly based on over 60 years of research studies investigating premarital factors of later marital happiness or divorce. This means that users of the survey can have confidence that they are receiving feedback on the aspects of relationship readiness and compatibility that really matter.

Readiness and Compatibility Factors
Perhaps the most unique feature of the COMPASS® system is that it is divided into two separate parts - the Relationship Readiness Section and the Couple Compatibility Section.

The Relationship Readiness Section is a "private portion" of the survey that assesses each member's personal readiness to be in a committed relationship. The factors in this section are ones that researchers have identified as running on a continuum of healthy to unhealthy levels (e.g., emotional stability, conflict resolution, the ability to forgive, etc.) and are therefore unsuitable for use as criteria in matching singles together (an error that is rampant in the singles matching industry). Knowing that the content in the Relationship Readiness Section is private allows members to answer truthfully rather than manipulating their answers for how they would like to be perceived. This increases the likelihood of you getting accurate and useable feedback about your personal relationship readiness. The COMPASS® system will provide you with a 20 page Relationship Readiness Report that details your particular strength and challenge areas in relationship readiness.

The Couple Compatibility Section of the survey is designed as the "public portion" of the survey and is used to match singles with others with whom they have high levels of Compatibility on life goals, priorities, and shared vision. The factors in this section run on a continuum of preference to preference, which encourages users to share their true selves without trying to give the "right" or "desired" answer. The COMPASS® system creates a 20 page Couple Compatibility Report with graphs and tables detailing exactly why they have been matched and the specific areas in which they have high or low levels of Compatibility. A Couple Compatibility Report can only be seen if both people agree to have it revealed. This way you can control who sees your information. The Couple Compatibility Report contains over 70 factors of compatibility in critical areas of Compatibility such as: personal traits and preferences, children and family life, religious participation, patterns of employment, division of marital responsibilities, financial styles, leisure activities and other key areas of married life.

Revealed Matching
On most singles websites that provide matching services, the typical approach is to provide customers with blind matches. In other words, members of the website are introduced to each other with little or no explanation as to why they were paired or in what ways they are compatible. Because of its two section design, the COMPASS® system is uniquely able to provide revealed matches to users. What this means is that couples are told exactly why they have been matched and the specific areas in which they have high or low levels of Compatibility. This revealed matching approach lets you as a member of have access to detailed information to ask questions and make decisions about the people you meet. The detailed reports of the COMPASS® system create an active website in which members are returning to the site often to review reports and have stimulating conversations.

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